WHALE SHARKS Cancun Mexico

So our next Mayan temple experience is the walled city of Tulum because if you look behind me there is a wall all those for a very long period wellness. And then, you have the ancient Mayan city oh my goodness look behind me guys, this is kind of incredible – liam is quite a bit different than Koba which we visited a last about the previous sample.

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So Koba was built in the 600 to 880. And chillin was one of the last Mayan cities built of the mine Empire. And it was built in 1280.

So, you know a little bit more advanced architecture. So, this is one of the reasons why it was kind of a big deal because of its close proximity to the ocean like literally right there that that’s thus tulum. And there’s the ocean.

So obviously with a very important trading area of that event for the Mayan this morning we are about to get on a boat to go swim with some whale sharks first off. I didn’t even know what a whale shark was before coming to Cancun now. I do, it’s like a gigantic bottom, it’s it’s a feeder fish, it’s not a flail claw shark, it’s a fish.

And they’re like slow moving big fish we’re gonna like jump in. And swim with them hopefully if we see one, it’s supposed to be pretty epic. So fingers crossed.

So tonight we are going to go see X crowd it is a Mexican like the show. And there’s going to eat drink. And dinner.

And a lot of dancing. I going to history of everything there is to do. And see here Mexico it is officially the worst day of the year aka the last day of summer.

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