Today we are off to China I am so excited it is not even 7 o’clock, and it’s so warm on here I think the lens is off seriously, I’m not someone to complain.

But oh my goodness it took us an hour, and five minutes to drop our bags off at the counter Asia you need to sort yourself out that was terrible everyone eat them we have to get a lorries in ten minutes, and we need food. So we get encouragement yes, I’m so hungry. So annoying uh like through my whole day off that’s a woman on a mission right there 14 to 3 minutes. But care factor right now is zero we’re getting pancakes even though we are late to a flight we’re going to pretty much miss it. But, I’m still just doing this out of spite fulness our last Western meal of pancakes, and flight force chocolate Dao wasn’t fun. But 14 was 10 minutes ago please go poppy at least we have a coffee I’ve had one sip, and they’re making me throw this out it’s the worst check-in ever ok 10-minute walk Oh Kate I feel like we’re gonna get on it oh this is it take off literally one step is going to be in the plane maybe take it off right now, I’m gonna jump in oh my goodness oh no he had the Tehran coffee away. Because we had to get you another security checker honestly what is it, I’m trying to get the free Wi-Fi I think we made it we made it oh yeah no never to the left always sort of hi you oh it’s top of the loaf we were um we’re not sitting next to each other well well well welcome to China everyone we’ve just arrived in Chang Liu in the region of something I don’t know I was reading it before.


But I forgot now I know the place is called Sheng Jue all righty we’ve successfully ordered some fries, and a drink. Because we are so thirsty would, and doing anything on that flight luckily one of the helpers from the actual project that we’re working with is going to be taking us into the city, and she was kind enough to order our food for us. Because we realized not a lot of people speak English here okay. So we have to take the airport shuttle into the city it’s about an hour in there hope we get to see a bit of the countryside we’ve just arrived at our hostel for the night we’re now in a little hostel room steven has his little bed, and there’s my little bed that ended up being such a long day of travel we like left our hotel at like 6:30 I mean now here in Chengdu in our hostel, and it is currently oh my gosh quarter past 4:00 in the afternoon I mean again haven’t eaten that much today. So I think we’re gonna go, and try, and find like a good Chinese dinner somewhere I was noticing on the way in this so much like some oak or hazel smog what do you call it see I couldn’t see the sky, and and you couldn’t see that far out. So you can see these big tall building. So they’re like it’s giant high-rise apartment you can’t see much like in the distance.

Because of all the smog it’s not local smog yeah that’s what I’ve noticed. So far. But, I’m tomorrow we’re getting up really early we’re meeting with the group that we’re here with this like volunteer projects a little bit difference you actually start in a inner city to get the kind of like cultural experience first. So we’re going to be spending I think two days in Chengdu, and they’re going to take us around, and show us the area, and stuff, and then later we then drive out to where the project is, and we still haven’t told you what we’re working with yet which you guys will find out very soon yeah I think, I’m gonna have a little explore of a hostel, and see what food there is better nothing nothing too exciting organize the tonight it. Because who are interested. So in this each one region Sichuan Sichuan, and that is Chengdu right there oh, and you guys want to know that is Tibet right there. So this is kind of the area you can actually do like a date or it’s four or five hour drive.

But that’s like the entire day again, I’m always like I wish we had longer here mmm we’ve decided to leave our hostel, and go, and explore better Chengdu tomorrow we are doing a bit of a day tour which will take which is good. But I only had two sips of my coffee this morning we need to go find a Starbucks I mean that’s like our first things like Starbucks also we found out how disconnected we are we don’t have Google we don’t face it we do have Twitter we literally the only thing I could work out that work don’t lose you guys see on while really probably reading is very late, and Laura I think we have to do some double up uploads the traffic here is in saying by the way look at this. So many cars go on all the ways. But we did work out what’s that worked. So we called my brother, and he was pretty much on Google also Jake what is the money conversion where how do we get to this place how do we get to this place in is helping us out, I’m pretty sure if you’re dancing though yeah I have a map it was the only way I don’t have Google Maps and, I’m server lying to my Google Maps my here map the Donal Oh annoying maps available anywhere there’s a bar bar in the middle of the street they surrounded all right I think we’ve come to like the town center of Chengdu I see a Starbucks a lot of expensive places, I’m any booty turning stuff guys I see like one two three four five at least an eight to ten lane carriageway that we need across quickly this is me attempting to ask for some sugar beautiful insanely sick. So we come to this iconic local Chinese bakery, and they do coffee, and Stephen ginger ignore where the sugar was so we use a little like Google Translate app to find everyone in a way yeah not even ask for spoons which Lee I type there can I please have a spoon it pops it up in Chinese I put it like that, and then you can go, and ask them we ended up getting a little like cheesy loafie thing, and a coffee integers.

So we’ve come up a dinner, I’m at the table number thing it’s a panda that’s cute by the way guys. So it’s staying at mrs. panda hotel we’re in the region of Sichuan which is the Panda region we’ve got a panda bear or a table number can you guess where we’re volunteering my goodness, I’m so full we just had dinner, and now we are heading back to the room it is like getting into summer here in China or to show you the sky I don’t know you guys do I should have showed you guys anyways it’s summer here which means the Sun is like staying up low off the time I eat a clock eyesight hmm I don’t want a shower I want to go to bed that was such a long day of travel wasn’t it it’s a long one. But anyway by now you probably can get yes we’re working with pandas for those that guessed correctly which is so excited. But tomorrow, I’m meeting up with all the other volunteers we’re going to have a explore through Chengdu, and then the next day we go the Panda projects, I’m very excited, and this one’s like totally excited, I’m so excited we’re like crazy from all the travel here say goodnight take a nylon, and go have a shower you jet-lagged there’s no time difference for you jet LAG’s say good night for us hanging out, I’ll jump on in alrighty good night guys we’ll see you tomorrow bright, and early Shane Derry good night you.

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