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A substantial number of educated people also speak English. This Durham Metro Map is particularly true of those involved in international economic activities, including tourism. Religion Because of its Durham Metro Map early French cultural influence, Haiti is dominantly Roman Catholic. Catholicism is the official state religion, as established by the country’s constitution. About 80 percent of the population professes to be Catholic, although Haitian Roman Catholics take part in the annual pilgrimage at Morne Calvaire on Good Friday. Catholicism is the official religion, although some citizens practice other religions.

Additional responses from the K2 occurred when asked if it was Mr. Leebove and if he had been shot in the bar. Most of these questions were asked at least three times and validation was confirmed with consistent responses.

Our entire group sat stunned. No one had ever experienced anything like this until the Doherty. First direct responses in the basement from an older woman, possibly grandma Doherty, and a younger woman. Now it appeared possible Isaiah Leebove or another intelligent spirit was communicating with us in the bar.

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