Private Tour Niagara Falls Sightseeing Tour

This post we’re headed to Niagara Falls, and we’re taking a private car to get there. The Falls is open every day, 365 days a year, all of the attractions are open until just before sunset. All right, we’re here, let’s go check out the Falls. So they call this Horseshoe Falls and it totally looks like a horseshoe. I can’t think of any waterfalls that really do that, that’s really unique, that’s pretty cool.

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So right over there? That’s the American Falls. I’ve been here many times in my lifetime, and you never get sick of looking at the beauty and the sheer power. It really does suck you in, in a way, and you’re mesmerized by it.

That was tons of fun, seeing Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. Now we’re gonna check out the Falls from the USA. Woah. So this is the Three Sisters. It’s three little islands where you can actually get up close and personal with the Falls and even dip your toes into the water. Woah! All this sightseeing makes me hungry, so I’m having lunch here, at the Top of The Falls Restaurant with a beautiful view of Niagara Falls. You just can’t beat it. Wow, I had such a fun time in Niagara and having door-to-door car service was such a treat.

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