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Buddhism is a leading religion, one that foregoes the worship of a god. Shintoism, the other prominent religion, includes ancestor worship.

The typical Japanese is extremely polite in formal situations, highly sensitive in interpersonal relations and much concerned about how others perceive him. Success or failure is seen reflecting on the family to a larger extent than in most societies.

Japanese food is probably the most refined in the world, if by refined is meant small portions, delicately prepared and displayed. One writer characterizes Japanese food as modular, a gastronomic experience. It requires highly trained food preparers, razor-sharp knives to prepare the small bits of foods, rolled, wrapped, and garnished. Color and harmony of foods are as important as flavor.

Some of what the Japanese consider delicacies do not enrapture the Westerner. A breakfast of raw tuna belly, live tiger shrimp and abalone rectums is not the same as bacon and eggs.

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