Iguazu Falls

Discovered in 1542 by Spanish explorer Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca the Iguazu Falls are one of the seven wonders of the natural world and rightly so. These... Read more

Atyra Map Paraguay

Known as “la ciudad mas limpia del Paraguay” (Paraguay’s cleanest city) Atyra is an attractive hill top town. Wander through the town’s two plazas down to the Indio... Read more

Villarrica Map Paraguay

Known as the “Ciudad Culta” (cultured city), Villarrica has been home to many of Paraguay’s artists, from musicians Felix Perez Cardozo to poets Natalicio Talavera, Manuel Ortiz Guerrero,... Read more

Salto Suizo Map Paraguay

Salto Suizo (Spanish for “Swiss Waterfall”) is the tallest and most visited of the area’s several waterfalls. A relatively small amount of water cascades over the sixty-two-meter high... Read more

Caazapa Map Paraguay

Caazapa was originally a Franciscan mission town, founded by the famed Franciscan Fray Luis de Bolanos in 1607. The name is short for “Caaguyjehasapa” which means “past the... Read more

Museo El Mensu

Within the municipal grounds on the eastern side of Avenida Pioneros del Este this small museum is set up in one the city’s first houses. There are a... Read more