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Across the river from Concepcion is the island of Chaco’i, home to a handful of families. Most cross the river every day by row boat or motor boat to work in Concepcion. Walking along the island’s dirt roads you will see the quaint scenes of rural lifestyle typical throughout Paraguay-farm animals, crops, and small churches. The island is a good side trip should you tire of Concepcion’s motorcycle clogged streets. Water taxis cross between Chaco ‘i and the port of Concepcion at the end of Presidente Franco throughout the day (if going late in the day be sure to arrange for your water taxi to take you back). Gs. 5,000

Museo Civico (Museo Historico y Teatro Municipal)

A quirky museum exhibiting the belongings of one of Concepcion’s many Italian immigrants. The Museum’s highlight is a series of paintings depicting many of the architectural gems of Concepcion’s heyday, a number of which are still recognizable today. There is also a painting depicting the old port of Concepcion from 1890. The museum’s director, Sr. Teofilo Medina, is passionate about the city’s history and is willing to provide a guided walking tour of Concepcion’s historic buildings if his schedule permits. Tel: 0971 803 951, Corner of Cerro Cora and Mariscal Lopez diagonally opposite the back entrance of the Palacete Municipal, Mon-Sat 6:30am-12:30pm, 1pm-5pm Museo de Arte Contemporaneo

This small museum houses a surprisingly good collection of Paraguayan contemporary art including works by Ricardo Migliorisi, Carlos Colombino and Ofelia Olmedo. There is also a small collection of drawings by well known indigenous artists Ogwa and Pitoe. The quality of the collection is perhaps due to the fact that the museum was founded by renowned Paraguayan artist and Concepcion native Carlos Colombino. The museum has several of his pieces, unique works of art created by painting, engraving and sculpting large panels of wood almost as if they were a canvas. This technique, invented by Colombino, is known as xilopintura. The building itself, known as Mansion Otano, was renovated by Concepcion’s Escuela Taller. Tel: 0971 803 951, corner of Mariscal Estigarribia and Cerro Cora across the street from the Palacete Municipal, Thurs – Sat 7am-11am, 2pm-5pm Museo Municipal del Cuartel de la Villa Real

This museum is housed in what was the command post for the Paraguayan Army during the Triple Alliance War (though the building itself was built during the colonial era). Fittingly the museum’s collection is mostly made up of Triple Alliance War relics including the chassis of a wagon which belonged to Eliza Lynch. Tel: 0971 803 951, Corner of Mariscal Estigarribia and Carlos Antonio Lopez. Mon-Sat 7am-11am, 1pm-5pm Palacete Municipal

Built in 1898 the Palacete Municipal now houses the city’s municipal office. It sits in the center of the block, surrounded on all sides by pretty gardens. Peak inside to see the two large scale relief murals depicting the founding of the city and the battle of Nanawa fought during the Chaco War. Tel: 0331 42212, corner of Mariscal. Estigarribia and Cerro Cora, Mon-Sat 7am – 1pm Monumento a la Madre

Looming over the city’s main avenue, this twenty-four-meter high monument to the Virgin Mary (specifically the Virgen Maria Auxiliadora) was erected in 2002. The monument includes a small lookout point at the base of the virgin’s feet. At night the cream colored statue is nicely illuminated. Corner of Avenida Pinedo and Mayor Julio Otano Puerto de Concepcion

Stop by on Sundays and Tuesdays to watch all manner of cargo, from mattresses to motorcycles and tomatoes, get loaded and unloaded from boats heading upriver to Vallemi and Bahia Negra. The port is located at the end of Presidente Franco Expo Norte

These days Concepcion’s economy is fueled by cattle ranching. There is no better time to see the influence of the area’s cattle ranches than at the yearly Expo Norte fair held every September. There are rodeo shows, food and games, and of course, a beauty pageant.

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