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Located on a small peninsula jutting out into the Itaipu Reservoir (Lago Itaipu) the Tati Yupi reserve is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Ciudad del Este. The park protects 2,245 hectares of natural habitat. Visitors wishing to enjoy the area’s natural side will be happy exploring the park’s streams and small waterfalls. Walk or bike along several trails or take in the scenery at the edge of the lake. Visitor’s facilities include two dorms rooms with thirty beds each, A/C, a camping area and kitchen facilities. Rangers can arrange for sulky and tractor rides and can lend out bicycles

(though these may be in questionable shape). There is a snack bar but it is best to bring your own food. There is no bus that runs to Tati Yupi – expect a taxi from Ciudad del Este to cost about Gs.

100,000 one way.

Salto Monday

Approximately ten kilometers from Ciudad del Este in the neighboring town of Presidente Franco this small park makes for a nice excursion (and respite) from the city. The series of three, forty-meter high waterfalls dropping from the dense vegetation are impressive in their own right even though they suffer a bit of younger sibling syndrome due to their proximity to Iguazu Falls. In fact it is probably best to visit them first, before Iguazu Falls. The grounds include a tranquil park and a walkway that takes you to the edge of the waterfalls. Plans are underway to revamp the park in time for the Copa America soccer tournament scheduled to be held in Brazil in 2015. Mon-Sun 7:30am-6pm (though camping is permitted). Entrance is Gs. 3,000

Getting There

By bus: Catch the Tres Fronteras buses on Avenida Pioneros del Este heading south (towards the bus terminal). Fare: Gs. 2,200. The bus should drop you off about five blocks from the park. This bus does not run on Sundays.

By car: From the Arco Iris head south on Avenida Pioneros del Este (this will turn into General Bernardino Caballero) towards Presidente Franco. After approximately 5.5 kilometers take a right on to Avenida Monday. Approximately two kilometers down Avenida Monday there is a fork in the road. Follow the left-hand fork and continue approximately 1.3 kilometers. The park entrance will be on the left-hand side.

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