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Seven o’clock and time for the breakfast of traveling champions: jerky. I won’t mention any specific names (Jack Link’s, Teriyaki), because in case I were to land any endorsement deals (Hello? Mr. Link?) I certainly wouldn’t want to turn them down.

You’ll notice there aren’t any pictures of my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper – which is also an integral part of breakfast (lunchand dinner), but after all my fine promotional work, I have yet to get a call from their marketing department – just sayin’.

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Back on track, the dry grasses along the slopes of the basalt walls of the Columbia River are ripe for a quick spread of the expanding range and forest fires.

Two and-a-half hours later, another stop, although we’re actually getting far enough to think we might make it out of Oregon with only a couple pee-breaks. That could be a first for my illustrious travel companions.

Grangemouth today is quite modest in comparison to its appearance in pictures of the old oil industry. The Almond Valley Heritage Centre in Livingston has a museum on the shale industry (as well as a mill, working farm, etc) and is worth a visit. There’s a pleasant open stretch with the bing passed. Away on the left is another which is jokingly referred to as Ayers Rock. Niddry Castle lies ahead, below yet another bing mountain. Winchburgh can be reached by walking past the castle as well as by keeping to the towpath, so a brief note on both. As the travel destination swings left (with Bridge 30 in sight) leave the towpath for the minor road. This crosses the main Edinburgh-Glasgow railway line (Broomhouse Bridge) and a glimpse over the parapet shows a cutting far deeper than the travel destination’s. (The line continues through a tunnel under Winchburgh.) Turn left once over the bridge on the drive leading to the Castle.

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