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Hello guys yeah my eye is red it is still recovering unfortunately still. So I think I might just do a Casey before I started the post today I just wanted to say that in the next post, I’m going to be doing a QA. So put all of your Q&A questions down here, and if you ask me them on Twitter it’s even better if the apartment which I about now I am loving it it is lovely. So it’s just really good to have a home here in chin gen filing to the post, and put your questions down below today I am going to town to a photography I did it with poppy, and their friend Lizzie, and yes should be from we just saw them loading a baby helicopter onto a truck realizing things everyone in a Phineas penny cops have you ever been in itself really really hot I like you oh yeah thank you post right now.

Downtown Shenzhen Photo Gallery

I like it Thanks this park behind me that, I’m walking through now is on the rooftop of a mall here there’s so many rooftop gardens on the top of malls, and buildings, and stuff, and I know I think it’s just a really hard way to use the space, and it’s this peaceful greenery okay thank I do looky here today yes very great maybe you make, and we are so glad when it okay when is that it’s the next week next week a next week yeah we’ll go okay I will see you well today is a very exciting day. Because Libya, and I are packing to to move to our new apartment right now though we have to interrupt the packing. Because we are going to meet puppy in heaven okay we’re coming now place we gotta go reveals a new civilize copy, and Evan are going on a trip.

So they’ll be gone for a while, and leaving a slowly, and alone you’ll be okay someone here trip I do for my children keep saying oh the last time we’ll see the mumbling they’re coming back in like a few weeks that last time these two work together. So many times you feel like the last time maybe, I’m just becoming overly sentimental we are coming back it’s moving day we have everything capped we are ready to go it’s not really that big of a deal. Because we’re only moving a few metro stops away got to be purpose this is it love it so much live here what are you doing celebrating first night in our new apartment Livio the elevators going to come, and you’re not going to be here the elevators here Libby oh I don’t need them both elevators are here, and you’re not now they’re gone yep yeah nope it’s gone all cause of you.

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