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Bells toll, people gather; handshakes, hugs, and mentions of peace – along with heartfelt exchanges about current crop and weather conditions – take place in the moments before services, which are still held in the original church attended by the current parishioners and their families before them (St. Benedict (just north of Seneca), KS, June 19, 2016, 07:50 PDT / 08:50 CDT, SX700 1/125s f8 ISO100 with the sun blaring directly behind the church extending her shadows far into the parking lot across the way.)

Interior of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church as seen from just left of center near the middle pews looking forward toward the altar. (St. Benedict, KS, 09:01 PDT, SX700 1/25s f3.5 ISO800)

Closer detail of the alter and tabernacle at the front of the church. (St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 08:59 PDT, SX700 1/30s f3.2 ISO800)

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Bridge 34 carries a track on a concrete way built on original abutments, with various tracks used by local walkers. Over the bridge, off the path up to the Winchburgh-Linlithgow road, lie the ruined gables of ancient Auldcathie Church. The name Priestinch points to a long-vanished pre-Reformation parish hereabouts. Bridge 35, Craigtoun Bridge, is rather grander, with railings and ornamentation, as befits a one-time drive on the Hopetoun Estate. Bridge 36 is an estate bridge too, and from it a track goes up a steeply inclined bridge to pass over the railway. There are kicking stones again by the sturdier Bridge 37 which goes ‘nowhere to nowhere’. Bridge 38 at Fawnspark has been strengthened and given lights to cope with heavy commuter traffic. There’s a car park beside it but the exit is onto a blind bend; highly dangerous. The travel destination then runs deeply through what feels like a cutting, as the waste from the shale oil industry is piled up on both sides – a wooded area much enjoyed by mountain bikers. Abutments show where a bridge connected with the industry once stood.

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