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LANGUAGE. You may take some time adjusting to the New York accent if you come from London, Sydney or Glasgow. But don’t be discouraged-even Americans from Houston or San Francisco have the same problem.

Certain words have different meanings for Americans and British. In New York the pavement is a street or a parking area, and the area along the street for pedestrians is a sidewalk.

Other differences in usage are given below (see also Driving and Toilets): British American British American bill (restaurant) check pants underpants biscuits cookies pram baby carriage bonnet (of car) hood petrol gasoline boot (of car) trunk public school private school caravan trailer push-chair baby stroller chemist druggist queue up stand in line first floor second floor return (ticket) round-trip ground floor first floor single (ticket) one-way handbag purse, subway underpass doctor’s or pocketbook surgery lay-by rest area dentist’s office lift elevator trousers pants lorry truck underground subway off-licence liquor store wallet billfold.

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