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We at Let’s Go have watched the growth of the ignorant tourist’ stereotype with dismay, knowing that the majority of travelers care passionately about the state of the communities and environments they explore but also knowing that even con scientious tourists can inadvertently damage natural wonders, rich cultures, and impoverished communities. We believe the philosophy of sustainable travel is among the most important travel tips we could impart to our readers, to help guide fellow backpackers and on-the-road philanthropists. By staying aware of the needs and troubles of local communities, today’s travelers can be a powerful force in pre serving and restoring this fragile world.

Working against the negative consequences of irresponsible tourism is much simpler than it might seem; it is often self-awareness, rather than self-sacrifice, that makes the biggest difference. Simply by trying to spend responsibly and conserve local resources, all travelers can positively impact the places they visit. Let’s Go has partnered with BEST (Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel; see www.sus-, which recognizes businesses that operate based on the princi ples of sustainable travel. Below, they provide advice on how ordinary visitors can practice this philosophy in their daily travels, no matter where they are.

Full power was given him to carry out this important project Best countries to visit in the world ; and thereupon a contract of trade was drawn up, to which the Company was to agree Best countries to visit in the world and subscribe it. Usselinx published explanations of this contract, wherein he also particularly directed attention to the country on the Delaware, its fertility, convenience, and all its imaginable resources. To strengthen the matter, a charter octroy was secured to the Company, and especially to Usselinx, who was to receive a royalty of one thousandth upon all articles bought or sold by the Company. The powerful king, whose zeal for the honor of God was not less ardent than for the welfare of his subjects, availed himself of this opportunity to extend the doctrines of Christ among the heathen, as well as to establish his own power in other parts of the world. To this end, he sent forth Letters Patent, dated at Stockholm on the 2d of July, 1626, wherein all, both high and low, were invited to contribute something to the Company, according to their means. The work was completed in the Diet of the following year, 1627, when the estates of the realm gave their assent, and confirmed the measure.

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