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To help bring you into each story, we have established a Web site, www.HauntedTravelsMI.com, with a “Secret Room” for each story. This Secret Room will include audio, video, and full color photographic evidence. It will also have some behind-the-scene video clips and/or photographs of what happened during the investigation.

Repartimiento. 1 Spanish for a partition or distribution of property Poland Map Tourist Attractions , especially of slaves. 2 An assessment of taxes. Restoration. The return of the British Poland Map Tourist Attractions monarchy under Charles II in 1660, after the Commonwealth era under Oliver Cromwell. Revival.

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The more adventurous divers who do not mind taking a risk can take a dive to the bottom at 25 to 30 metres, where they may be rewarded with a bag of queenies or greater scallops. There definitely are scallops out there, because some of the boats from Seahouses trawl to the east and south of the islands and make a lot of money out of it. Who knows? This could be a six-star site! About 400 metres to the north of dive site (21), my colleague and I picked up a good magnetometer and echo sounder reading but had run out of dive time and air. The weather then changed for the worse for three months and we never did get back to see what it was. Maybe one day somebody will hit the jackpot on this site. The Knavestone is the most easterly and seaward of all the Farne Islands that are visible at low tide. It dries to 3.6 metres and consists of one large island and four tangleweed-covered rocks which reach out from the island’s western corner, earning themselves the name of Frying Pan shank, due to their overall shape. Knavestone is 4.98 miles NNE of seahouses, 4.

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