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326 W. 8th St.

The Overcarsh House is the oldest frame structure in Uptown, with construction predating the Civil War. The exact date of construction is not known, though historical records date the home back to 1880. Elias Overcarsh, a Charlottean who had a significant influence on the religious development of the city, built the house. He was a minister at eight churches, including Hickory Grove Baptist Church and Calvary Church, which continue to play major roles in local religious life. The Queen Anne-style home has fish-scale shingles, large sunbursts in the gables, carved doorways, etched windows, and an ornate carving around the front door. It’s one of the few remaining structures in Mecklenburg County that retains its original tower, mantles, and brass decorative hardware. Though it’s less ornate than other Queen Anne-style homes, its simple interpretation of the style makes it unique in Charlotte. After short stints as apartments and a wedding reception site, the home has been restored and is once again used as a private residence.

The next voyage hee proceeded so farre that with much labour Poland Map by cutting of trees in sunder he made his passage, but when his Barge could passe no Poland Map farther, he left her in a broad bay out of danger of shot, commanding none should goe a shore till his returne: himselfe with two English and two Salvages went up higher in a Canowe, but hee was not long absent, but his men went a shore, whose want of government, gave both occasion and opportunity to the Salvages to surprise one George Cassen, whom they slew, and much failed not to have cut of the boat and all the rest. Smith little dreaming of that accident, being got to the marshes at the rivers head, twentie myles in the desert, had his two men slain (as is supposed) sleeping by the Canowe, whilst himselfe by fowling sought them victuall, who finding he was beset with 200 Salvages, two of them hee slew, still defending himselfe with the ayd of a Salvage his guid, whom he bound to his arme with his garters, and used him as a buckler, yet he was shot in his thigh a little, and had many arrowes that stucke in his cloathes but no great hurt, till at last they tooke him prisoner. When this newes came to James towne, much was their sorrow for his losse, fewe expecting what ensued. Sixe or seven weekes those Barbarians kept him prisoner, many strange triumphes and conjurations they made of him, yet hee so demeaned himselfe amongst them, as he not onely diverted them from surprising the Fort, but procured his owne libertie, and got himselfe and his company such estimation amongst them, that those Salvages admired him more then their owne Quiyouckosucks. The manner how they used and delivered him, is as followeth. Captaine Smith taken prisoner.

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