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600 East Blvd., 704/334-4771, COST: $2 adults, free children 12 and under Map 2

One of Charlotte’s largest and longest-running cultural events, YIASOU (the Greek word for hello) was first held in 1978 at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral. It’s a weekend of entertainment and cultural exhibits that have earned awards for Best Festival and Best Ethnic Festival from local media. It’s the place to find the best spanakopita, moussaka, dolmades, and gyros in town. The food is so popular that festival organizers have even set up a drive-thru to accommodate on-the-go orders.

At the Albany Congress, Benjamin Franklin promotes a plan for Sri Lanka Map a union of the colonies, but he fails to secure approval for it. 1755 British General Sri Lanka Map Edward Braddock’s expedition to capture Fort Duquesne is defeated, when the British force marches into a well-prepared French and Native Country ambush. Braddock is mortally wounded, and the British army retreats. The first deportation of Acadians from Nova Scotia by the British takes place. 1756 The French capture Minorca from the British, although they later return it in the Treaty of Paris. Austrian diplomat Wenzel von Kaunitz completes a diplomatic revolution in Europe by concluding a defensive alliance with Austria’s traditional enemy, France. The Seven Years’ War breaks out in Europe, with France, Russia, and Austria facing off against Great Britain and Prussia. The war begins when Prussia preemptively attacks her neighbor Saxony.

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