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Hi, I was in New York City recently, and took the opportunity to check out some of the food tours that travel offers there. I really didn’t know what to expect, but by the end I’d had a lot of fun on these tours, which mostly focus on ethic food restaurants and stores on the Lower East Side and Brooklyn. My fellow travelers and I visited and sampled at a really wide range of eateries, some that have been around for one year, some for a hundred.

We sampled yucca fries, borscht, blintzes, pierogies, Indian lemonade, Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, provolone bread, candy made in a technique newly imported from Barcelona, and chocolate desserts that probably should be banned they were so good. I also got off the island of Manhattan and headed to Brooklyn, home of what the Brooklynites say is the world’s best pizza. Well, I don’t wanna start any arguments in that school, but I can say that this tour is great fun. The guide shows clips from movies like “Goodfellas” and”Saturday Night Fever” as you pass the locations used in the posts. And of course it’s an opportunity to sample some really great pizza. You’ll also see Coney Island, which when I went was closed for winter, but it was fun to visit anyway.

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The tour really plays up the virtue of Brooklyn as the best place to live in the world, as well as the correct usage of that very Brooklyn phrase, “Forget about it.” The focus on these two neighborhoods is no coincidence because whether it’s today or back in the 19th century, these working class areas of New York were the natural home for new immigrants looking to make their way in America. And of course, many of them brought a knowledge and love of their own national and regional cuisines to their new home. Anyway, if you plan to be in New York anytime soon, check out the wide range of food related tours on the travel site. They run on different days of the week, and they always seem to be popular, so do book in advance because you may find the one you want is sold out if you wait until you’ve arrived to make your booking. You can find these food tours and lots of other great New York tours.

New York City Harbor Lights Night Cruise

It’s a perfect evening here in New York City, so we’re gonna to take a Harbor Lights Night Cruise. What I loved is when we just left the Harbor and the sun was kind of golden and sparkling off the windows of all the buildings. It was like this “smash, smash, smash” of light. Our sunsets are famous here, and it sets the whole tone for the trip. It puts you in a good mood when you see that great sunset.

It’s very exciting, very relaxing, the pink clouds are beautiful. It’s so neat as you cruise along side Manhattan, right before your eyes you’ve got the Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building, the new Tower One. It’s pretty incredible! There’s something magic about getting on a boat and just sitting back and relaxing, let the breeze waif over you, and take in all the sights. We’re coming up on the Statue of Liberty. Let’s go get the best view. We came all the way from Italy, and this sunset is very, very beautiful! We’re back at the Harbor and I gotta say that was such a wonderful way to see New York City at sunset! It really did take my breath away! New York City! Whoo!.

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