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Asado, Misiones Style

Paraguay is a very carnivorous culture with asado (barbeque) being a national past time. Misiones, however, takes their asado to a whole new level. Fancy implements such as grills are done away with in favor of large stretches of smoldering coals. Large chunks of meat are skewered on wooden dowels which are staked around the coals and slowly cooked to perfection. For asados held at festivals each dowel has a price tag tied around the top. Part of the fun is choosing your piece of meat – fair goers take their time inspecting cuts from every possible angle before making a decision. Once you’ve made your purchase the tag is marked with your name. There is a thrill that comes with walking away from the mound of coals with a huge cut of meat on a stick – you may never come closer to feeling like Fred Flintstone.


Hotel San Juan A small hotel in the center of town with spacious, brightly decorated rooms. Tel: 081 213 331, Monsenor Bogarin Argana almost at Waldino Lovera, single Gs. 70,000, doubles Gs. 95,000, TV, A/C

Hospedaje Na Nenema This basic hospedaje is nothing fancy but does have the advantage of being affordable and well located just at the entrance to town. Tel: 081 212 667, Monsenor Bogarin and Rosalia Candia, Gs. 50,000 per person


Waldorf San Juan’s nicest restaurant, the Waldorf serves up large portions of tasty Paraguayan classics. The milanesas are particularly good. Tel: 081 212 209, corner of Monsenor Rojas and Victor Z Romero, 12pm-2:30pm, 7pm-11pm, Gs. 15,000-25,000

Heladena Crisol More than just an ice cream parlor Crisol has a good per kilo lunch buffet, tasty and hearty empanadas and excellent super cheesy sopa paraguaya. Tel: 081 212 703, 021 212 402, Avenida Monsenor Bogarin Argana between Capitan Martinez and Waldino Lovera across from Plaza Boqueron, daily 7am-10pm, Gs. 5,000-20,000

Na Tere A good choice all around, Na Tere has the best burgers in town as well as large pizzas with thin crusts. Try the pollo suprema. Tel: 081 212 512, Monsenor Rojas and Victor Z Romero Diagonally opposite Waldorf, daily 7am-12pm, Gs. 15,000-25,000

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