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The English-language official newspaper “China Daily” reports throughout the week on events in China and abroad, and also has the TV programmes and a “What’s On in Beijing”. Its weekly publications include “Beijing Weekend” and “Shanghai Star” and there are other official periodicals such as “Beijing Review” and “China Pictorial”.

The news stands of the international hotels in China’s main cities sell several leading foreign newspapers and magazines such as the “International Herald Tribune” as well as the “South China Morning Post” and the “Asian Wall Street Journal” published in Hong Kong.

Open Cities

The number of towns and cities in China open to foreign visitors is increasing all the time, and currently stands at over 888.

As a rule all that is needed to visit China’s open areas is a valid visa (see Travel Documents), and the same applies to travel to these open places within China by rail, air or bus.

If however you do decide to travel there by car independently – and some ofthe many reasons for not attempting this are listed under Motoring -you will also require a special permit for sightseeing in the open cities.

If you want to visit closed areas you require an Alien Travel Permit (Luxing Zheng) which has to be obtained from the Public Security Bureau. No special permit of this kind is required for the places covered in this guide since they all fall within the “open” category.

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