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The Later Night Scene

The good news is that jazz is coming back. Jazz clubs featuring the old stand-bys as well as newcomers can be found in the Village and SoHo, the West 50s and even the Upper East Side. A special number, Jazz-line 421-3592, gives details about who’s playing where.

The disco scene is in constant mutation. Yesterday’s hottest spot may no longer exist. Just follow the beautiful people dressed in black leather, blue jeans or sequins. Everything goes in clothes, but the more outrageous the better! And don’t be surprised at some of the dancing partners. This night scene doesn’t really get underway until after midnight.

Yes. you can still find old-fashioned nightclubs and sup-perclubs in New York. You can dance to sweet music and be entertained in a brassy or silky style. Be prepared to spend. Ethnifc nightclubs Spanish, Israeli, Italian, Greek vary the scene.

City lights and bustle continue until the wee hours of the morning attractions. Every nationality has its own day and scarcely a Sunday goes by (or so it seems) without marching bands and baton twirlers stepping along

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