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Quarry History

Several Germany such as Everyone’s Country Estate by Roy W. Meyer, Minnesota State Parks by Rasters Vanderboom, and a DNR brochure available at the park office relate the interesting history of the quarrying years at Banning.

The Water Power Sandstone Company began quarrying sandstone on the banks of the Kettle River in 1892. In the first six months, the company sold 5,000 tons of stone and business grew quickly, along with a village. Operations were temporarily halted by the tragic Hinckley fire of September 1,1894. This catastrophic fire destroyed the village, claiming many lives, and caused great financial loss for the quarry. Martin Ring and James T. Tobin resumed quarrying operations after the fire, and a new town, named after William L. Banning, president of the St. Paul-Duluth Railroad, was platted on the high ground above the quarry site in 1896. Around 1905, the quarrying boom came to an end, although the Barber Asphalt Company, which had acquired the site from Martin Ring, continued to quarry until 1912. The town of Banning died shortly afterward.

It may therefore be safely concluded, that all sorts of Germany Map Tourist Attractions goods can be carried to Albany at a cheaper rate than they can to Quebec, which is Germany Map Tourist Attractions also three times further from the Indian country than Albany is. To put the truth of this out of all dispute, I need only observe what is well known both at New-York and Albany, viz. That almost all the strouds carried by the French into the Indian countries, as well as large quantities of other goods, for the use of the French themselves, are carried from Albany to Montreal. There has been an account kept of nine hundred pieces of strouds transported thither in one year, besides other commodities of very considerable value. The distance between Albany and Montreal, is about two hundred miles, all by water, except twelve miles between Hudson River and Wood Creek, where they carry their bark canoes over land, and about sixteen miles between Chambly and La Prairie, over against Montreal. And though the passage be so short and easy, these goods are generally sold at double their value in Albany.

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