Mt. Auburn Cemetery US Map & Phone & Address

580 Mt. Auburn St. Cambridge; (617) 547-7105

If you’re not uneasy about walking among tombstones, Mt Auburn Cemetery also happens to be an idyllic place to stroll on a sunny day.

Fully landscaped with lakes, hills, and huge old trees, there are so many pathways that they actually have street signs. Being a private cemetery, of course, not a public park, they do request dignified behavior from visitors; no lying on the grass, picnics, or ball playing. Instead, sign up for a walking tour of famous monuments, or an early morning bird-watching walk; the main house has brochures about Mt. Auburn’s programs, for which a donation of $7 is requested ($2 for members). The grounds are open every day of the year, free of charge, from 8 A.M. until 5 P.M. and until 7 P.M. in summer.

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