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348 Ridgewood Ave., 704/334-4170,

HOURS: Tues. 3-5 P.M., Wed. 10 A.M.-noon, Sat. 10 A.M.-5 P.M.

COST: $5 adults; guided tours $8 pp (minimum 5 people)

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Garden designer Elizabeth Lawrence was the first female graduate from the landscape architecture program at North Carolina State University and went on to become an expert in regional horticultural history. She moved to Charlotte in 1948 and began designing a garden that honored her passion for Southern horticulture and doubled as an experimental garden for her work. The formal garden measures just 70×225 feet and is filled with hundreds of colorful and interesting plants. Lawrence lived in the home until her health began to fail in 1984. At that time, the home was sold to another avid gardener, Mary Lindeman, who recognized the historic value of the garden and has maintained its integrity; a full 60 percent of Lawrence’s original plantings are still in the garden. The garden was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006 and purchased by the Wing Haven Foundation in 2008. The foundation is dedicated to honoring the legacy Lawrence has left, behind and preserving the historical significance of the garden.

1633 William Laud becomes Archbishop of Canterbury. St. Louis Map Seen by many in England as pro-Catholic, or at least not Protestant enough, Laud persecutes Puritans, causing their migration to New England and sparking events leading to the English Civil War. Maryland is founded. 1635 Connecticut is founded. 1636 Roger Williams founds Providence in what will later become Rhode Island. 16371638 The Pequot War is fought between the English colonists of New England and the Pequot Indians. The colonists crush the Pequot by surrounding their principal village, setting it afire and killing those who attempt to escape. 1638 Colonists from Sweden settle in Delaware.

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