So you’re going on a trip and, you need to know what a packing at ultra bag well, you are in luck because, this is that post. So. I’m going to show, you.

And tell, you everything that. I pack in my chocha bag for about a month of travel or more. So let’s get started first off we have our toiletry bag.

So the first thing, you should look for when picking out a tote your bag is is it squishy does it swish because, you want to be able to pack it in your suitcase or your backpack. And if, it’s boxy or a set hard shape, it’s gonna be a lot harder to kind of fit in. And around all your stuff second thing, you should look for is is a waterproof, you want to have a tall tree bag that is going to be at least somewhat waterproof because if any of your toiletries spill when, you were traveling um, you don’t want it to get all over the rest of your stuff that would be a nightmare.

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So something that has other a protective case either inside or on the outside that makes it a little bit more waterproof or spill liquid proof as. I like to say the next thing, you want to look for is when it opens up is there a hook. So, this is a hook, this is super super valuable because a lot of times counter space is a limited when, you are traveling there is counters are a luxury.

So, you will be hanging up your toiletry bag from time to time alright. So let’s get started let’s open this thing up. So in my toiletry bag.

I’ve packed things that would last me for an entire month is. I’m going to be traveling for eight months these are all things that would approximately last me a lot now, it’s really hard to judge with toiletries what you’re going to use. And how quickly you’re going to use them just be aware that some of the main things like soaps shampoos lotions are really easy to find everywhere around the world.

So, you don’t have to go crazy. And packed like huge sizes if you are traveling for one month two months three months four months or more mainly because you’re not going to want to carrying around all that liquids with you. So you’re going to be needing to replenish it anyway.

So don’t go crazy with the size of your liquid, but that being said, you do kind of want to pick. And choose which liquids if there’s any specialty products that, you really really enjoy make sure, you have enough of that product to take, you throughout all of your travels. So first off we have our shampoo.

And conditioner now this isn’t the brand that. I use. I actually just use these as refillable containers so.

I’ve different shampoo. And conditioner in there, but important part is. I like to pack three fluid ounces or 88 milliliters.

And nothing more than that for my shampoo conditioner this would be good for a month if. I need more than that I’ll probably be restocking a shampoo conditioner, it’s really really easy to find next up we have deodorant, this is a full-size deodorant that. I like to take with me.

I don’t do a smaller size really because. I don’t like the smell again though if you want to bring smaller size doesn’t really matter, you can find deodorant everywhere on the world brush. So, this is a travel toothbrush it kind of packs away, you see in this carry case they kind of help keep it clean when.

I put it in my bag pray stander, you can find these at any drugstore tip base. So same with toothpaste. I like to keep.

I buy kind of like the smaller size, but not the tiny like travel size toothpaste mainly because. I find that a travel sized toothpaste I’ll go through that in a week. And then I’ll need to buy it again toothpaste is really easy to find around the world if you do run out my moisturizer slash face sunscreen.

So, this is a SPF 15 face cream. And a sunscreen. So, this is my moisturizer that I’ll put on my face as well as it gives me an SPF of 15.

So it helps protect sunscreen. I also have an SPF in my foundation that. I usually wear.

So, you know doubling up on the sunscreen so I usually carry something small that can close sunscreen speaking of sunscreen. So, this is SPF 30 sunscreen that.

I use um it is the, it’s a spray one it is organic sunscreen. I’m sunscreen. I’m kind of like a little about sunscreen because.

So screen is full of chemicals that, you are then baking into your body. I try to buy organic sunscreen or as natural sunscreen as possible because. I don’t like putting tons of tons of chemicals on the face makeup remover.

So, this is a Nick forever waterproof. So, it’s a waterproof makeup remover this stuff is like golden, it’s really really good, it’s just a tiny ish container this will probably be all. I need because.

I don’t wear heavy makeup when I am traveling dry shampoo this stuff is ladies at guys to actually dry shampoo is going to save, you your cleanliness sure dry shampoo is all amazing because if you do not have access to a shower which a lot of times when, you are traveling or backpacking, you don’t spray some dry shampoo into your hair. And will eyes like, you shower your hair looks that much better.

So, you can go out. And do stuff this thing is a lifesaver. I highly recommend having a dry shampoo in your cattle bag now we’ve got these gooey things.

So these are um there are many different names for these, but they’re basically like squishy tubes that. I have the refillable tubes. So in these.

I fill them up with several different things in this one. I have my face wash what. I use is the origins that’s a cold let me look at this.

So, this is the face moisturizer that used, but obviously this container is a bit too big to take traveling so I put it in a squeezy to this tube here. I have a body wash because.

I don’t carry a bar of soap with me. So when I want to wash my body.

I use body wash, it’s a little bit more practical. I find to kind of carry around in my travel bag as opposed to a bar soap this tube. I have had soap hand soap is something that gets overlooked a lot, but hand soap is a luxury when, you are traveling.

And when you’re backpacking you’re using hostels a lot of times these places don’t have hand soap. And washing your hands is really really important if you want to not get really sick. And gross dirtiness while, you were traveling having a little tube of hand wash, it’s super super super handy foot powder or foot deodorizing shoe powder if you were backpacking or traveling for, you know a couple weeks or more your feet are gonna smell your shoes are going to smell, it’s going to happen those are going to be really smelly.

And you’re going to be carrying them with, you in your bag trust me this prevents that, you can find at the drugstore aloe vera cream aloe vera cream is for sunburns which if you’re going to a tropical climate or any sunny climate, you are most likely going to suffer a sunburn at some point so I look carry a little tube of Elmira cream although ibuprofen is amazing with sunburns now. I have a little pot of moisturizer, this is not the actual container this is.

I don’t even know what, this is this is some says mass treatment, but, it’s not. I I basically just use the container for my moisturizer. So in there is it smells really.

I mean just a simple moisturizer that. I have. I don’t even know what brand it is some coconut moisturizer then.

I have my. I like to call these my Abby Beauty luxury products they’re not necessary to bring with, you on your travels argan oil, this is Moroccan argan oil it is great for smoothing out frizz ease up your hair that happens when it goes into humidity. And other travel climates it just makes your hair look nice.

And shiny these are like my go-to products for everything, this is a surf spray. So it helps create like a nice cute beachy wave in my hair and, this is my volumizing powder that helps give my hair a little bit more oh there’s styling products essentially travel-size thing of hairspray so I can spray it all into place.

I know hair products there are a lot of hair products again not necessary but. I have a hair spray, this is just beauty wipes to take off makeup Plus Q tips a little foldable portable little hair brush that. I like to use to comb my hair, it’s got like.

I don’t know what that is comb comb airbrush it folds, it’s great. I drop are super handy because as my eyes get really dry on planes. And in transit.

And if. I’m not sleeping these are quite necessary. I find razor so.

I have a razor plus. I carry one refill with me, you know razors, you can find pretty much everywhere the quality of it it varies around the world a thing of floss again. I can find it.

I can usually find a smaller size of this, this is a bit of a luxury size a tiny thing of hand sanitizer. I’m not big on hand sanitizers. I don’t believe antibacterials are not really great to use all the time so.

I don’t tend to use is, this is kind of like in an emergent or, but necessary like if. I absolutely have the situation. I do carry a little bit of that around with me.

I am going to get more into my pills when I move into my first 8 kit safety pins safety pins are really handy. And important like really handy they come in handy to fix things so.

I carry some safety pins wrong with me plus. I carry some feminine hygiene products which we don’t need to see, but, you know what those are bug spray. I forgot just mentioned.

I also pack bug spray but. I don’t pack it in my toiletry bag because. I don’t like.

I do bugs rays just really gross and I don’t like that to be mixed in where my toiletries are oh yeah. I hope that’s been insightful.

I hope you’ve got an idea of like what. I pack when I’m on my trips.

And if there’s anything else that, you think. I should pack or anything that, you guys specifically pack for your travels please let me know. And Dumble in the comments ok you.

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