Volcano Erupts While Travelling Banos Ecuador

We're in Bannos ecuador now.

And about cities. And zip lining. And via ferrata should be there's more adore your writing to it yes Angelina how do, you feel about riding toward Mordor Mordor Mount Doom.

I'm not gonna be easy one does not simply walk into Mordor there, you go hey. So. I'm gonna go check out pylons seed Diablo, it's a famous waterfall here in Ecuador.

I thought it was the fastest waterfall, but apparently, it's not, but, it's still really cool. So let's go check it out you're supposed to run down here right now there's a volcano exploding be ready for another ass rain this afternoon because all what, you see there or there is no wind will come down here. So should we be worried about this eve or a sign of very busy lava we still have time to run over there over there, you see we're not gonna say that might be really hot we're gonna oh my god that's creepy we could all die yeah let's give it a time before we ad yeah great.

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