No stay in Istanbul can be considered complete without an excursion by boat along the magical and legendary Bosphorus, the fabled and renowned winding strait that devides Europe and Asia. Along its banks is a surprising mixture of the old and new and of the grand and the quaint. Stretching on either side is a delightful chain of modem hotels and ancient waterside villas, fortresses of stone and palaces of marble, huge urban complexes and tiny fishing villages all stung like beas on the common thread of water linking them all.

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The vessel sat on top of the rocks for three days in good weather, but because of a dispute about the salvage arrangements with local fishermen, the ship and its cargo were eventually lost. On 15 September 1815, the wooden sailing vessel Hazard struck the rocks and foundered and all hands perished. on 31 october 1933 the wooden brig Fame foundered during a storm after grounding on the rocks of Knavestone and her crew was lost. On 27 December 1834 the wooden sloop Autumn was heading for Peterhead from sunderland with a cargo of coal when she smashed into the eastern corner of the Knavestone and sank almost immediately. Two of her crew of three were lost, but the third man, called James Logan, hung onto the masthead and a partly-submerged rock for nearly ten hours before being rescued. William Darling, the keeper of the Longstone Lighthouse, famed for the rescue of people from the ill-fated paddle steamer Forfarshire soon after, said that it was the biggest risk he had ever undertaken in his life, rowing across the treacherous channel to rescue a cold and weary Mr Logan. Apparently Grace Darling had heard Mr Logan’s cries and she alerted her two brothers and her father who then performed the heroic deed. The British schooner Alexander perished with her crew after striking the Knavestone rocks on 24 March 1845. The Countess of Mar was wrecked and smashed to pieces on Knavestone on 6 August 1847. On 14 March 1847, the Lady Ross came to grief and foundered after running onto the rocks.

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