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There is scarcely a canal in the entire United Kingdom that doesn’t contain roach. A common fish in terms of distribution, you might say, but certainly not in appearance. From the clearer, rustic canals especially, rutilus rutilus can be resplendent with bluish silver scales and vivid red fins. But even a grubby-looking concrete venue can produce fat, flawless roach.

Perhaps no other fish epitomises canal fishing like this species, which for decades formed the staple diet of anglers on the Cut. cape cod bait shops For many of us, they bring forth nostalgic feelings. Rapid taps on the float tip; my Dad cursing as another bite is missed; the bright gleam of a hooked fish coming to the surface and even that unmistakable smell they leave on your hands. These are the sensations of the roach angler.

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Catching a netful of roach was, and still is, an art form on fine tackle. A delicate waggler rig is one way to catch them, but for many canal anglers, roach fishing begins and ends with the unrivalled control and sensitivity of pole and whip fishing.

On many canals you will find roach distributed throughout. Typical shoal fish may average only an ounce but provide bites right through the year. cape cod canal striper report Perhaps the real challenge lies in tempting those larger, broad sided fish that prove a wilier quarry altogether. A fish of a pound or more represents a fine catch, but is always a distinct possibility from any towpath in the land.

Getting the Drop on Roach

The diet and habits of roach vary greatly: they feed on anything and everything from midge larvae to left-over bread missed by local ducks. They can be caught close to the surface or hard on the bottom The better fish do tend to sit lower in the water than their smaller brethren, but the successful roach angler must be flexible in approach.

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