3 Unique Ways to Experience Uluru

Ready Jeff what’s your camels name you go she go re just, I’m gonna go fly the drone enjoy this is Hey everybody I think I saw you like a five hours ago in a hotel room, and now we are reading the sunrise yeah at all rue jess is jumping on a camel she’s going to be going for a bit of a ride kinda a little bit jealous. But, I’m here to actually fly during footage. So, I’m standing here with the crew we got Gary here, I’ll link you guys to his Instagram he takes amazing photos. But we’re all chillin here the whole crew is up there waiting for the sunrise, and then jess is going to start walking behind me, and hopefully she doesn’t run.

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So I know we’ve seen the Sun right here all ruta morrow. But seeing the sunrise for the first time was amazing I didn’t post. Because I just wanted to take it all in to do a time I saw you guys like the drone a bit. So I was in a bit of work. But then I just stopped, and took it in I couldn’t even imagine how amazing it would have been for Jes on the camel walking parter towards the sunrise it’s just over there, and that was so beautiful we’re just chatting hanging out with everyone. Because it’s just.

So interesting to see the difference when like you’ve got the photographer’s here, and of course they main goal is to get a photograph. So they wanted the camels in there, and then you compare it to Jesse’s like trying to get the post to show you guys how I wait to hear how Jess’s camel ride went Lua jealous Jess that you got to go on the camel ride. But at least I was able to come, and get some drone footage, and that’s why we’re here. So it’s just amazing just being head or it’s just such a bucket list item, and being able to see it here at sunrise is another thing as well you guys need to add it to your bucket list this place is magical for me Oh Hey guys it is now the next day, and we all jumped on camels we woke up at 6 a.m. and I can currently see all the roof is it is such like a bucket list moment the lighting of the women is so beautiful also quickly some of you guys might be interested flying the drone at uluru yeah it’s not allowed we are actually currently on a private property people who run the camel tools yeah were kind enough to let us fly on their property we are about 27 kilometers away from LaRue you cannot slide in the park.

Because of course you know it’s a Heritage Site there’s no drawings I. So if you do come down here we don’t suggest you bring your drone. Because just not loud I always found the baby camels hello oh why are you. So beautiful I love others obviously hey right there. But actually wants it from you yeah he just is back hahaha this Hugo was he good to you here’s guys I’ve come, and brought Jess to the babies. Because I knew she would love it how was your ride it was seriously incredible to suchak away to see Hillary, I’m so jealous you got to go on a camel ride colin is freezing I know we need to get her back inside, I’m so ready for breakfast not on the Outback of course they put some dampers, and fresh ground is it’s the wrong home a homemade, and we got like this any better yeah our thinking has to be happy enough have no value oh that’s a good serving thank you yummy I just love coming after the house back. Because look at this this is a real Australia right here that the Red Door we’ve got some camels over there we’ve got a beautiful sunrise this is a good morning, and look up like a spa you all righty we jumped on the hot pink couple try I think, I’m a rapist jacket made leather look good on you all righty we just pulled over we come to the absolutely breathtaking Prada Judah just behind me over here definitely at it if you are coming on tour it is absolutely beautiful it is even bigger than when I saw in photograph it just overpowers you.

But of course. Because we are here getting some Instagram shots we just pulled over on side of the road, and again some sweet shots matters taking some couple shots of us which is really nice of him, I’ll insert them here for us your lever all right stop ever wondered how Instagram is get their shot just higher macho’s as your letter one thing that I thought over by harley-davidson that was amazing the helmet here yes thank you so much for driving up you’re amazing thank you really – really enjoyed it I think a little bit where I was having the nap we head back at the room guys I try to find the remote to the TV or. So we could leave by the way I was really upset. Because I thought that our bed was epic, and then called Stephen pushing it back for tonight once I was on I wanted back against a hand what chair I saw we are off to have an amazing dinner it sounds super unique we’re having a dinner on a double-decker bus, and what they’ve done is like they’ve decked out the bottom to be the kitchen where everyone’s cooking, and then on the top it’s an open-top double-decker bus, and on the top we eat our dinner, and then we ride around all routes how cool is that for us now thank you haha this is awesome. So cool yuh-huhhh kitchens right below us there you are, and check out what how like they village yeah even don’t like to pull on purpose ahhh-oh my god, I’m a let’s have a toast to everyone the most awesome curve, and then we’re going to know each other for 2018 cheers everyone woo you just stopped, and this is probably the iconic shot that everyone sees is the shot you can photograph as much as you want, and the bus is just there looks. So cool when you actually literally guys this is the postcard shot of all the room are you guys ready guys this is another first for us we’ve never seen the moon rides off I didn’t even know it was a theme this is so cool to see it next to all routes by the way that color has changed on the rock it’s going to go through multiple changes before the night is done Wow that it.

So cool with cocktail first we ride guys we have now stopped at the base of a lorry this is the closest we’ve ever gotten this is where we’re going to be spending dinner right in front of it the Sun has pretty much gone the stars as you can see are coming out this is so cool I really love this idea they’ve only been open for like six months that’s so cool that is so cool they let you have a built-in elevator bring the food from the bottom to the top right in a third oh yeah looks. So good I love the solution of having some damn pile what this is so good if I could salad see not see asparagus and, I’m very very girly I think Gary’s got himself a nice little chicken salad, and usually our cheers around, I’ll choice with no water yeah already guys we just got back to our place dinner was amazing that was honestly there was a really cool experience over the last like a couple of weeks we’ve had such like amazing dining experiences, and that was one of them there was a really cool way to like eat dinner, and just chat with everyone, and just look at the Stars, and have all our right there in front of us. So I really hope you enjoyed this post we try to show you all the different ways you can see all around me no Cannell by highly Davidson dinner under the moonlight is really a magical place, and me, and Jess have just been taking it all in really appreciate that we are here. Because such a bucket-list destination for Australia, and I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you guys consider coming to visit here.

Because it’s it’s a really it’s a really awesome place to visit, and then tomorrow morning we’re getting up for the sunrise. So we are going to put it into a new post. So if you are new around here, and you enjoyed the post we’d love for you to hit comment if you really did enjoy the post please give it a thumbs up, and we’ll see you guys next time right.

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