How About Something Different For Your Beer Choice?

For some people, they love wine, and some like mixed drinks, and for others, it’s all about the beer. With the addition of craft beer becoming popular, many people have been making the switch. There is a few classification for beer; you have the domestic, the imports, and craft. Each one of these has some pretty unique flavors, alcohol content, and consistency. At times some beer can be as smooth going down like water, and other times it is thick in consistency and can be reminiscent of syrup.

That might be an exaggeration, but there is a definite difference between every beer out there. The big names most people recognize is Budweiser, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Coors, and Heineken. But what about all the other options you might be seeing at your liquor store? What are those? Craft beer, is produced at smaller breweries and are created in smaller batches, and aren’t distributed everywhere. It is one reason that liquor stores are set apart from the big box stores.

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The selection

Sprayberry Bottle Shop in Marietta offers one of the largest selection of craft beers in the area. They proudly support many brands including Red Hare and Sweet Water.

Craft beers have some distinct flavors you might recognize. While they use the more traditional means of creation, they do a little twist to all their beers. It could be the addition of a pumpkin flavor, or just about any fruit you can imagine. The great thing about most craft beers is you can just only try them out, and keep changing it up. There are over 600 different craft beers available at Sprayberry Bottle Shop which means you are going to find something you will like. That or perhaps a few. Indulge in trying one of the seasonal favorites, or choose something that sounds interesting.

There are so many more flavors out there to discover, and if you keep sticking with the same old, same old, you might be missing out on a complex flavor that you really might enjoy. The best part, of shopping at Sprayberry Bottle Shop is that they add new inventory every Wednesday. So if you are craving for something that a friend has told you about, don’t wait. Tell the store what you are wanting, and they will be able to hook you up with the best quality craft beer made. With so many beers to try, you better get started.

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