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The fourth section, Interventions in Public Space’ features the work of SueAnne Ware, Elizabeth Grierson and Zara Stanhope. This group brings the focus to art’s capacity to intervene in known social, cultural, economic and political conditions. Through reviewing customary habits and politics these writers show the potential of renewing awareness and attitudes to do with local issues in global conditions. It starts with Chapter 11, SueAnne Ware’s Border Memorials: When the local rejects the global’.

Ware raises political issues of borders, immigration and migration and crucial questions to do with memorials to commemorate humanitarian disasters, along with public responses to such processes of memorialization. The chapter examines two anti-memorials: one concerning the fate of illegal refugees travelling to Australia, The Siev XMemorial Project (Canberra 2007); and the other, considering deaths of undocumented workers crossing into the United States (El Paso-Juarez 2005). Both projects reject conventional memorials as civic icons expressing national identity while questioning complacency towards the politics and policing of international borders.

Having taken the left fork, you proceed along a narrow Sydney Map Tourist Attractions path uphill through the woods on to Bow Hill, then begin to lose height. You pass Sydney Map Tourist Attractions straight over a crossroads of paths – by detouring right you will reach a quite superb hilltop viewpoint, arguably the most spectacular part of the nature reserve – then continue to descend. Emerging from the woods, you are greeted by a fantastic view of Chichester and its cathedral beckoning you home, and the surrounding coastline and countryside. You will also see once again the masts of the Trundle. Don’t be complacent, though, as there is still work to do. Having permitted yourself a pause to admire the view, descend steeply through fields to reach a crossroads of paths.

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