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In the early years of the United States, the ideology of republican motherhood encouraged women’s education so that mothers could raise welleducated, patriotic children. Delhi Map Tourist Attractions Women’s roles as teachers of young children and older girls at home, as well as in convent and grammar schools, led to an increased focus on their intellectual development, worldly success, and educational opportunities that helped give rise to later feminist movements.

Just as education for women was limited in the Countrys as in Europe, women were less frequently encouraged and recognized as poets, writers, and artists than men throughout the colonial period. Those who were recognized were usually treated as rare exceptions, as the title Tenth Muse, given to Anne Bradstreet and Sor Juana In©s de la Cruz, two of the best-known Country women poets of the seventeenth century, attests. Nonetheless, women like Bradstreet were successful in male-dominated literary and intellectual circles during the seventeenth century, and recognition of such women increased throughout the eighteenth century.

For evidence of rich artistic cultures flourishing outside the publishing world and other avenues of official recognition, we also can look to forms of artistic expression that often do not register in male-centered histories, such as quilts, diaries, and letters, as well as literary salons and circulating commonplace books.

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