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On the ground you may see a fox, badger, Winston-Salem city Metro Map common lizard, slow worm, grass snake, adder, hedgehog, mole, foxcub, grey Winston-Salem city Metro Map squirrel, vole, shrew and, of course, the ubiquitous sheep. Plants that may be found on the edge of the cliffs include bellflower, mauve knapweed, scabious, pink centaury and betony, while about 20 of the 50 or so species of British butterfly have been seen here, including not only our friends the red admirals but cabbage whites, brimstone, meadow/ wall browns, chalkhill, painted lady, skipper, green hairstreak, dark green fritillary, and blues including the famous adonis blue.

Ironically it is nature itself that poses the biggest threat to these magnificent cliffs; as recently as January 1999 there was a major cliff fall, or, as Patrick Coulcher put it, ‘another piece of England broken away to be dissolved into a nothingness’. When you arrive at the observation point a little before the summit, stay on the ridge and aim for the triangulation point, but before you get to it, and just before you get level with the hilltop Beachy Head Restaurant, turn right onto a metal path. Shortly the metal path describes a big loop, with a seat at its bottom end. Take the short cut across the loop using the path provided, but having done so, instead of turning left onto the metalled path again, pass straight over it onto a path that contours the hillside.

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