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Hey everybody are you guys doing today I am down here at Kings Park to go, and get some more 360 footage now fortunately Jessa’s busy today. So she’s not joining me.

But yesterday was the first time that we’ve actually scrapped an entire post we came down here we went to the city to go, and get more 360 footage, and the day was miserable it’s the classic Perth weather of raining cloudy, and in the following days sunny. So, I’m actually restarting this week’s post today, and it is a beautiful cloudless sunny day, and we’re just gonna go around, and get the remainder of the 360 footage I still can’t get over how beautiful the view is of our city from Kings Park everyone’s out probably playing some Pokemon going there’s a pottery barn in Perth now this is the first five four or five years ago when me, and Jess this was way before flying this was even a thing would be like really inspired by TV shows, and movies, and we watched well if you guys saw that cougar town show with Monica from friends we really like the way they’ve designed their house and, I’m pretty sure Jess is still inspired by a lot of things I saw there, and there was this one lamp that we loved, I’ll see if I can find an image for you, and he was at this point wait we had to order it in from Pottery Barn, and I think it costing like $300 of lamp us like $500 postage it came to like a thousand dollars, and this wasn’t a stage where I seriously contemplated in ordering it for just his birthday luckily we don’t worry too much about those materialistic things anymore. But it was kind of cool to walk into Pottery Barn – I find it Hey guys I haven’t done this in a long time, I’m about to go to the dentist, I’m pretty sure I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out Stephen went the other week as well he found out he has to get his out he’s a literally growing sideways. So they’re gonna like move all his teeth around, and I haven’t been in. So long like literally last time I went was before I started postging. So like two years I think well I don’t think you think what if I need what if I need a feeling it I don’t want one Oh wish me luck guys wish me luck all right guys it wasn’t meant to be I have I’ve had a number change and. So we’ve been trying to contact me to UM see if, I’ll still coming to the appointment, and I never contacted them back, and then I just went in there, and like my appointment had been given away.

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So I have to go, and get it done after Africa I guess, I’ll just going to get a teeth clean, and also get like x-rays, and stuff to get my wisdom teeth out. But, I’m pretty sure, I’m gonna get them out in January. So you guys get to UM experience my big swollen face then, and here’s I think we’re gonna get out of the same time in January I’ve already had two out I just have to get these two out now. But hey he needs all four of his out Oh what you wanna go do now then go for coffee Oh griga like a nice spot you Nam’s Cobra then okay red sky at the moment is a very nice area I love this area I was really nice Beach, and really good dentist all right guys we couldn’t resist we ended up going to Hillary’s to the beach shack of course keep it on a spin on this is the perfect thing for after accountants I don’t even go in downloads dude take a look at Bear Stearns today yeah yeah it tastes really good coffee can be again anyway I want to tell you guys now that Africa is like no that was brewed what I wanted to say was literally what the yesterday yesterday last night we just finally all our flights, and stuff Africa finally to you guys while we’re going, and all that stuff cuz it’s all like put in now. So going for five weeks, and we’re going to South Africa, and Zimbabwe we’ve never been to Zimbabwe or four. So we’re so excited we are gonna be seeing Victoria for. So get excited fit that under Stephen you are super excited for Victoria Falls aren’t you just waterfall in the world we go yeah and.

So we have teamed up again we go eco which is the volunteer company that we’ve worked with a lot if you guys, and you are on here you might not know this. But we are obsessed with volunteering especially volunteering with animals we’ve now been to nine or 10 volunteer projects, and we kind of now become Langille ten twelve or thirteen volunteer projects, and we pretty much have you come at partners we go eco now checking out all their volunteer projects for them creating posts for them. So yeah that’s who we’re going to Africa with. So we’re going to be checking out about eight volunteer projects I think, and there’s such a different range like some alliance of a monkey some shark kids and, I’m so excited Africa is one of the my favorite places that we’ve ever volunteered at before. So, I’m so excited to go back, and do some more volunteering there, and then while we’re there as well we have really fun activities planned like helicopter rides, and shark cage diving, and all that stuff. So it’s gonna be awesome five weeks of awesome Africa is like one of my favorite continents as well. So, I’m so excited to go back yeah I also want to tell you guys that you should follow our Facebook page.

Because now we have the 360 camera we’re thinking of making two or three minutes raw uncut 360 posts of interruptions, and animals. So if we get really close to like an elephant or a lion or something fill me in 360 for a couple of minutes roar showing our experience like how experience is about putting it on our Facebook page. So we’ll link that down below anything you needed to add yeah. So we are gonna be working in settings were probably not gonna be daily postging. But we are definitely going to be bringing out like three posts a week. So we’re gonna do some fun Friday. So maybe we’ll try some self in candy maybe would you like it a full 360 post around Africa if you guys have any other suggestions of fun travel posts as well you want to see while we’re there tell us below.

But we’re also going to be doing a lot of exploring sir Cape Town Victoria Falls Johannesburg, I’m gonna be going back to see my original like school, and home, I’m sorry first ever home that I haven’t seen in like 16 years. So that’s gonna be cool yeah oh yeah, and we leave on Thursday by the way I haven’t sent it today’s Monday. So like three more sleeps until we leave, I’m so excited, and first stop is Cape Town actually drove out for a day right drove it for a day, and then Cape Town, and then back up to Joburg in the gorge, and then Quito there’s a my weight lots of places get excited guys give this post a thumbs up if you’re excited. But Africa well I think we’re about to join a Seagal party sorry guys we need this spot why they want is chill in here sorry I just realized that it’s Halloween we don’t even have any lollies if anyone comes to our house I feel like every year it’s do you see what they had in Kohl’s, and stuff at the moment they could have people coming in Lille, and it about I have from all the driving today oh sorry if it’s Halloween that means tomorrow is our anniversary we’ve been together we’ve been together for nine years tomorrow, and we are off to rottenness tomorrow which I’ve never I’ve been to once, and was raining, and yuck. But if you don’t ask any like people from Perth they’re like a number one hot tourist places to go to Rottnest Island. So we’re gonna go spend the day that tomorrow. Because it is nice weather it’s gonna be like 26 degrees.

So, I’m very excited of that I think you’ll be a nice way to spend our anniversary am i hurting your foot by the way you come join a productive productive right now we want to get a couple of cool shots or honest as well, and then the 360 post be done not funny you told me to wake you up alrighty I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post we have one more post left before we go traveling, and it’s gonna be our anniversary post we’re gonna go through rottnest island tomorrow. So that’s gonna be so much fun we’ve never shown you it should be beautiful just as never properly been to Rottnest Island. So it’s gonna be a good experience all around now for the comment of the day which we thought was so perfect, and I said the name of my brother’s new son should be called Michael, and you were. So close my brother had a new healthy baby boy, and his name is Blake Michael. So you were. So close.

But we’ll give it to you. So uh we hope to see Blake very soon, and yeah I hope you enjoyed the post if you new around here please hit comment, and give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and we shall see you tomorrow bye guys.

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