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Oh hi there my name is Abby. And in case you’ve been living under a rock. I’ve kind of been traveling the world a lot this year yeah fortunately for, you.

I’m taking a little break from traveling for just a bit of time now and I put together this lovely guide for, you. And how.

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I did my traveling. And how, you can become your very own world traveler. So how this works is there’s gonna be a bunch of annotations on the side here, but all, you gotta do is click on the annotation for the post that, you want to watch pretty simple all right have fun guys.


Hello ladies. And gentlemen or really as, you just say ladies because this post is not going to be really directed toward, you fine gentlemen well no.

I actually really shouldn’t say that because there might be some guys out there that do find this quite handy or. I know useful. So.

I’m going to basically go through a bunch of products that. I use plus give, you some tips. And advice for packing beauty products.

And that’s such when, you travel. So this here is my main travel toilet trees everything literally every sort of beauty product a cyber makeup that. I’m going to bring on my trip and, this is my kind of long haul trip bag, it’s as, you can see, it’s got double handles here because, it’s very important because if you’re staying in hostels or if you don’t necessarily have a place to put your your toiletries like if you’re not necessarily staying in a hotel room you’ll probably need to take your toiletry bag to the washroom with, you to go do all your bench mangie few stuff this one here is my sort of smaller trip bags this will be more for weekend trips um a week long trip or less.

So it opens up like. So so it has all my mini compartments everything compartmentalize, you can put all my bigger prop everything oh gosh. I think spawning out clearly.

I don’t do enough beauty posts add this clip, you see this little clip here, this is these things almost handiest thing. I could tell, you about when, you are looking for a toiletry bag get one with a clip honestly, you will not regret it because a lot of times, you don’t necessarily have like a large counter space. So, but you’ll have like a railing or something that, you can clip your toiletry bag on.

And it just hangs like that yay. So let’s use um first off let’s start with hair okay number one highly highly recommend is, you get your hands on a dry shampoo these are life savers normally. I wouldn’t bring, this is a large can, you can um a smaller cancer, this is the batiste Batista dry shampoo fantastic smells like a tropical pineapple a tropical miss what it does what dry shampoo does is it used if your hair is getting all like kind of oily or if you don’t have time to have a shower which.

I in when, you travel is a lot of time, you just spray much dry shampoo in your hair let it sit for two minutes. And then, you brush it out. And all of the oil all the flatness all of the kind of like smells in the day, it’s just magically disappeared just gone amazing when you’re going to a warmer climate your hair is just going to frizz out if you have thick it muss, you have thick hair.

I have been here. I have super thin hair and So my hair could be frizzy frizzy bills oh yeah where’s this Frizzles out.

And so I just kind of embrace it. I go with the flow.

I mean, I’m gonna have frizzy curly wavy ish hair when I’m in top tropical climate so.

I just make it work and So in my favorite products that. I like to use is the bumble.

And bumble bumble. And bumble surf spray. So it looks like that um, it’s basically a sea salt spray it, you kind of like spray in your hair.

And crimp it up like that. And it just helps keep the ways that you’re not really going to get in the humidity powder oh, this is my got to be powerful volumizing powder oh my goodness guys this has changed my life if you have flat hair if you are running around sightseeing doing whatever, you whatever you’re gonna do in your travels all day your hair just falls just there are many factors of why your hair, it’s gonna fall like this weird grippy powder that, you put in here then it magically goes like poof. So magic.

So magic, it’s already Rumble bumble. And bumble. I really do love this stuff um surf foam wash.

And conditioner that um is just basically, this is it, this is a whole set that, you can and I found these are very good sizes for travel because this the shampoo. And conditioner will easily last me three weeks at least three weeks um possibly even a month which is a pretty good period of time if.

I’m traveling if you’re going to be traveling for more than a month, you you’re better off buying a not the large not little super large, but like a little bit larger size shampoo. And conditioner because you’re you’re gonna go through any sort of mini versions of that no matter what, you do two of my favorite brushes that. I like to have oh my gosh is hairy where it who knew him yeah sorry about that oh no, it’s on me Oh even though, it’s on my help, it’s my own hair.

I don’t know why. I’m being. So grossed out about this, this is a very handy compact brush that.

I stole from a hotel oh, it’s handy because it has like a brush part. And it has a comb part. So, you can be like comb comb comb.

And they can be like brush brush brush zoom Siler general skincare. And general stuff in regards to cleaning your face um there are two ways that, you can go about doing it, you can one get bring like a facial moisturizer or like a face a face wash with, you um. I tend to bring lots of moisturizing products when.

I travel because your face tends to do a lot of crazy things it goes dry it goes oily it just goes a little bit crazy because it doesn’t know what’s happening it doesn’t know that you’re in a foreign country, you know you’re in a foreign country, but your face doesn’t. So, you kind of need to take care of it. And have a lot of different um kind very gentle products for it a facial moisturizing wash this one’s simple sub R.

And, it’s apparently the number UK’s number one. I just like it cuz, it’s nice. And clean.

And simple ah feel there. So like. I said with your face doing all the craziness that it does, you need to make sure that, you are moisturize so.

I like to pick, this is a moisturizer cream, but, it’s got a bit of tinting to it. So because of the the the Sunkist a tinting gradual Tannis that it has it makes my face just have a little bit of an extra glow to it which. I really like because then, you have can when, you have a little bit of tinted moisturizer it just takes some of the redness away that.

I find and, you can kind of have a little bit less foundation because, you have that moisture that sort of sunkissed glow yes to this. I also don’t like tanning my face so I rather put chemicals on it to make me look like.

I have a ten then actually tanning good times um. And then, this is another good one that. I have is Saint row PES um body moisturiser again, it’s a self tanner.

I liked, it’s a gradual tan. So, it’s all light tans but. I like to just get myself just a bit of color when.

I’m sitting on a bikini and I’ve experienced winter for the last six months just. So just a little bit of color, this is um.

So if I’m going to a hot tropical destination. I will always bring a larger size sunscreen even though, you almost always find sunscreen available to, you it is always always overpriced.

And if you are a bit of a sunscreen um snob, but like myself. I really hate oily sunscreens. I like to make sure that.

I bring my own. So one really derived is this Hawaii tropic shimmer effect sunscreen it makes your body all shiny that is a true story um girls love it guys don’t because, you are shiny, you are shimmery. And shiny.

I feel like a sun kissed goddess when I use it so I love it and I will continue using it for my face. I use, this is a Neutrogena SPF 60 beach defense, this is amazing, this is sunscreen is. So so.

So good in estate 80 Neutrogena sunscreen freakin phenomenal sunscreen they’re super non greasy they make, you feel like a non-greasy goddess good times. I always put sunscreen on my face when I travel even if, it’s not sunny out because, you never know.

And the other thing that. I recommend for skin is a mask a clay mask because along with your face getting dry it also likes to get super oily. And breakout.

So having a face mask that, you can kind of do other spot treatments or general face mask. I like to leave this on overnight. I know some people don’t but.

I do um. And then it just helps with the pimples. And acne that’s just also going to happen.

I promise, you it will happen this one’s really good one. So that’s when, it’s murmer add Marad Marad. So moving on to other parts of her body that we want to also look after.

I like to carry a little pot of hand cream because my hands get very dry they just get very dry because. I washed them a lot could, you touch a lot of things there are lots of things that, you touch. So, you end up washing your hands a lot.

And that dries them out. And so I just like to pack a hand cream this one is Troy oh.

I don’t know a hand cream auntie back to your ryeol gels for your hands these ones are from Bath Body Works. I don’t know why. I’m seeing this, but honestly if at Body Works has the best smelling hand sanitizers in the entire world get your hands on some of these.

So the next tip. I want to give, you is plastic bags seriously guys. I know, it’s a hassle to put your put your toiletries in plastic bags.

And then those plastic bags in another bag but. I will show, you this for experience things explode on planes it happens they explode in your luggage from just the handling of your luggage. So don’t bring anything that’s glass.

And that can break. And bring lots of spare plastic bags, you can package up your your many toiletries because honestly, you do not want that stuff spilling all over your clothing. And your bay it is an absolute disaster.

And nightmare to clean up. So make sure, you wrap it up. And play it safe kids now this next tip is super especially for the ladies if you know what.

I mean, I don’t really have anything to show you. I could show, you stuff but.

I feel like just waking will get the point across personal hygiene products ladies make sure, you bring an adequate assortment of personal hygiene products that will cover, you for the duration of your trip because a lot of times in foreign countries the products that they have is not necessarily what, you are accustomed to. And some, you might not be able to find some things, you know thing. And for the rest of your body perfumes yes.

I like to carry a couple different perfumes these are all again travel size these are both reloadable there we go ah, this is just like a sample one. I love gang little samples at the beauty stores usually they give these away blow it up load up with samples they’re fantastic um. And then these are like refillable travel perfume cases that.

I like to put my perfumes in and I spray it all over my body because, you smell when, you travel, you really do smell. So spray some perfume.

And make yourself feel just that much better about your life. And last, but not least we cannot forget our feet. I love how.

I didn’t show, you any other body part, but what. I kept to be. I’m like.

I need to show, you my feet um foot pattern it sounds gross, but honestly your shoes will stink traveling makes your shoes stink foot powder gets rid of the odor from shoe stink very good product to bring foot powder alright. So that’s it those are all my travel beauty essentials for, you lovely ladies out there thank you. So much for reading anthem happy yes happy good-looking travels for, you by over 80 pandas live at the base, this is being looked after by the wonderful caretakers the caretakers primary goal.

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