Los Cristianos Tenerife Spain Tour Of Beach And Resort

In this post I want to give you a tour of Los Cristianos and have a look at the beach, bar, restaurants and shops. If you are coming here on holiday a great way to see what to expect and if you have already been here, a great way to see the whole of Los Cristianos again. This is the hotel Reveron Plaza, you can also find that in my other post of best hotels in Los Cristianos. From here we enter the more touristic area of Los Cristianos and will see the beach soon. So this is the main beach of Los Cristianos, there are more options nearby to do some swimming, but most people will come here most of the time.

Los Cristianos Tenerife Spain Tour Of Beach And Resort Photo Gallery

It’s one of the only white sand beaches on Tenerife and also definitely one of the nicer ones. As you can see prices are very fair here in many places, the prices in other areas here in the South of Tenerife are often far more expensive. So now I am on my way to Playa del Callao or Los Callados beach, it’s just on the edge of Los Cristianos and definitely great place to escape the crowds a bit, would you like to do so.

Now I am gonna fast forward a bit while I drive to the other side of Los Cristianos and show you a bit more of that area. So once past the harbor there you have another great beach, Playa de Las Vistas, this beach right here. So I do hope you enjoyed this guided tour of Los Cristianos, don’t forget to have a look at my other posts covering Tenerife and comment to the blog to find all my posts covering holidays in Spain even more easy.

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