10 best cities to visit in US


1.8 Shortly after turning left onto this trail (in about 100 yards)

come to a bridge crossing Silver Creek. The trail bears left after crossing the bridge and follows the creek.

2.2 Trail shelter and intersection (46° 38′ 25.1″ N 92° 20′ 54.3″ W); the trail to the left leads to the High Landing Remote

Campsite. Continue on the trail leading straight ahead to begin a circuit on the Bear Chase Trails that will return to this point via the trail coming in on the right.

2.4 Trail intersection just before reaching the power lines; the trail to the left leads to the Upper and Lower Lake Trails. Continue straight ahead on the trail passing under the power lines.

2.5 Trail intersection; bear left, cross a small bridge, and begin to ascend.

2.9 Pass along a sharp ridge crest with good views of the valley to the east.

3.1 The trail descends into a ravine.

3.4 Trail intersection; turn sharply to the left and begin a steep ascent from the ravine.


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