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MEETING PEOPLE. Central Park on Sunday is the place to do it or one of the countless mixer bars and other night spots. Don’t be surprised if strangers in elevators start up a conversation, as most 116 Americans are outgoing and interested in meeting people.

Like city dwellers everywhere, New Yorkers are usually in a hurry and tense. In a restaurant or the post office your Thank you may only meet with a grunt in reply. It’s quite usual and means Not at all. Even Americans from outside the city are amazed at the self-absorption of New Yorkers. The only answer to your questions in the street may be a shrug. However, at gatherings (such as parties) New Yorkers are definitely friendly and outgoing.

NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES. The city’s major newspapers are the Daily News and the New York Times in the morning and the New York Post in the afternoon. The Sunday Times includes a particularly comprehensive arts and leisure section, useful for visitors. The weekly publications Cue, The New Yorker, New York and The Village Voice are helpful for finding out what’s going on in theatres, nightclubs. museums, art galleries, concert halls and in the world of sports.

For the best choice in foreign newspapers and magazines, go to Hotalings at 142 West 42nd Street or the news-stands on the south side of West 42nd Street between Avenue of the Americas and Fifth Avenue.

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