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2.6 Overlook with view of horseshoe-bend in the river. From here the trail ascends gradually along a ridge dotted with jack and white pines. Again, rock cairns mark the way.

3.1 The trail reaches the summit of a knob covered with scattered oaks and jack pines. A short 0.7 mile trail circling the knob, and beginning at this point, provides frequent views of the surrounding countryside. One end of the loop bears off to the right at about 150°, and the other to the left at about 60°. It is good idea to mark a rock cairn at the start of this loop with something easily visible because the cairns leading you around the summit will begin to look alike and you might end up walking in circles looking for the way off the knob.

3.8 End of the loop circling the knob. Back track along the Echo River Trail to its intersection with the Herriman Lake Loop.

5.3 Trail intersection with the south end of the Herriman Lake Loop Trail; leave the Echo River Trail by bearing right onto the Herriman Lake Loop. The trail ascends, crosses a ridge, and descends into a narrow valley.

5.4 The trail enters a clearing and crosses a beaver dam. Once past the clearing, the trail ascends a ridge via switchbacks. Rock outcroppings, and jack pines and oaks are encountered once again. Cairns mark the way.

6.0 Herriman Lake comes into view through the trees on the left side of the trail.

6.2 Overlook of Herriman Lake.

6.7 Cross a small stream at the east end of the lake. Beyond this stream the trail continues to descend gradually.

7.0 The trail turns north, descends steeply via switchbacks, and crosses a stream flowing northeast in about 425 feet. On the other side of the stream, the trail ascends steeply and crosses a knob.

7.9 Trail intersection with the Knute Lake Loop Trail that is not clearly marked, so close attention is necessary. There is a rock cairn at the intersection where the trail bears left, as well

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