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Raleigh Subway Map To Charlotte

3228 N. Davidson St.

Built in 1906 for Dr. Thomas Costner, this home is the oldest private residence in North Charlotte. The area was known for its textile mills and simple mill housing, which made the Queen Anne-style home stand out. The two-story home was built on a high foundation and stands well above street level. It has all of the characteristics of classic Victorian architecture, including side wings, a two-story corner bay window, a gabled roof, and flared eaves. It was used as a boardinghouse for much of the 20th century and renovations were made to accommodate the needs of boarders. The original front porch and windows were removed, but much of the original trim and exterior window surrounds remain. It’s now the home of Revolution Pizza and Ale House (704/333-4440, www.revolutionpizza.com).

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