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PRIVATE COACH SERVICES Several private operators offer comfortable non-stop coach services to Huanggang border crossing and hotels beyond. The China bus counters are located on the arrivals concourse at the back wall opposite the A exit. We use Eternal East which provides a fine service although not much is available after 11 pm. China Travel offers an overnight service approximately once an hour after 11 pm. Price is HK$ 130. These services go via Lok Ma Chau Hong Kong side and Huanggang road entry checkpoint on the Chinese side of the border. Your ticket seller will direct you to the bus stop. These are situated under the new Terminal Two at Hong Kong Airport.

Once over the Huanggang border, another bus will take you to your destination.


It's easy to get from Hong Kong Airport to Shenzhen. There are four convenient ways, namely private coach, private mini-bus, ferry and taxi. There are also a couple of less convenient ways, namely Hong Kong public bus and train.


Several counters at Hong Kong Airport also offer minibus services. These are very comfortable seven seaters at HK$ 200 per person, and they have the added advantage that you do not need to leave the car to go through Hong Kong immigration but you do have to get out for Chinese immigration. The same company will also take you to your Shenzhen destination after you have cleared Chinese immigration at Huanggang. On exiting immigration you will be met by one of the staff and taken to another minibus. If you are going to a major hotel there will be no problem getting to your Shenzhen destination but, if your destination is not well known, it is best to have it written in Chinese for the Shenzhen driver and show this to the bus staff at Hong Kong airport when you make the bus booking.

It's not a bad service but we find the drivers rude and dismissive particularly to Taiwanese. They won't leave until the bus is full and you're sardined into the bus. We had an interesting discussion one night when one of our larger friends was pressured to pay for two seats. On the plus side, the Hong Kong freeway speed limit for mini-buses is higher than for coaches, which makes for a quicker trip.

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