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Various locations; Information, (617) 267-6338

The New England Chapter of this nationwide organization offers inexpensive walking tours of all parts of the city, from the top of Beacon Hill to the lower falls of Dorchester and Milton. Led by expert historians, these tours focus on the social and industrial aspects of a city in development.

(Did you know that the above-men-tioned lower falls area was once known as Chocolate Village, because of the candy factories there?) Tours are usually on Sunday afternoons in the fall and spring and cost $7; $5 for VS A members.

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Every fort had its bath-house, laid out in roughly similar fashion. You entered a changing room, then a cold wash room before a series of ever-hotter bathrooms. The heat came from under-floor and/or inter-wall ducts, the air being heated in a furnace at the end of the building. The toilet block would usually be sited downhill slightly, so waste water could be channelled down to flush it. A trip to the toilet was a sociable event – the room was fitted with the optimum number of wooden seats ranged round the walls and lined over troughs. All very hygienic and organised, very Roman. One find here was a rubbish pit with things like broken pottery and old boots – and eleven human hand and foot bones. Continue from the fort, descending towards the south-west to a gate with the round dome of a water tank very visible. A second gate exits onto a farm track. Turn right to follow this down to Twechar, coming to the main road beside the war memorial, then walk down the road to the travel destination.

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