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Tucked neatly beside the chemin Mehul path on Division 11 is the eerily beautiful grave of Fernand Arbelot. Little is known about Arbelot, who was said to be an actor and musician. The sculpture, which was crafted in bronze by Adolphe Wansart (1873-1954) depicts a recumbent man (presumably Fernand Arbelot) holding the face of a woman (presumably Arbelot’s wife). At the base of the monument an inscription reads:

Ils furent emerveilles du beau voyage Qui les mena jusqu ‘au bout de la vie. 

They were filled with wonder at the beautiful voyage Which carried them until the end of life. 

Belgian born sculptor Adolphe Wansart studied in Liege and in Brussels and began his career painting portraits. Around 1900 he began executing bronze sculptures emphasizing clean lines and strength. In later life he crafted a number of monumental works in stone and bronze.

Rush, Benjamin (17451813) Benjamin Rush, physician, patriot, and reformer, was educated in the household of Samuel Finley, his maternal uncle, and at the College of New Jersey (later Princeton) under the tutelage of Samuel Davies. Naples Metro Map Finley’s discipline and Davies’s Presbyterian gospel of public duty instilled in Rush a deep piety and commitment to social welfare that stayed with him throughout his life. Rush received his bachelor of arts degree in 1760 and soon sailed for Europe to attend Edinburgh’s prestigious medical school. After receiving his medical degree in 1768, Rush returned to the colonies and set up in practice in Philadelphia. In 1769, he was appointed professor of chemistry at the College of Philadelphia; he was the first native-born Country to hold that position.

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