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Though their labour is anonymous, there is no obvious reason to suspect that the workers are exploited. Black works in partnership with DANIDA, the Danish International Development Agency, to ensure that her production complies with fair trade agreements. But the agency in this operation rests with her creativity. According to a company spokesperson, Bat Trang is important for Anne Black both as a source of inspiration for her and that it makes it possible for her to continue and make a living based on a traditional crafting techniques [sic]’ (2011 personal communication). It seems no longer possible for such traditional crafts as ceramics to survive in the global North, so designers must seek out opportunities like Bat Trang where wages are lower.

This global contract of labour arbitrage has been questioned recently with the imbalance of trade between consumer and producer nations. The offshoring of manufacturing to China has seen the US eventually lose its economic power. US strength is redefined in terms of its people skills, rather than manufacturing capacity (Steingart 2008).

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