Yosemite National Park Hiking Map


If you wish to experience the great outdoors without having to worry about little details like navigation, you are advised to seek out other walkers. The benefits include:

• someone else to do the map reading so you can admire the view without having to stop and check where you’re going

• other people to chat to

• plenty of people to carry you if you trip and break a leg

• a comfy coach to pick you up at the other end

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There are a few negative points that should be considered, which may encourage you to roam alone instead.

• You have to stick with the group and can’t go explore another, more inviting-looking path.

• Crossing stiles can take time, especially if the group is a large one. Hours can be wasted if you meet a similar group coming in the other direction.

• Hiking leaders always underestimate a route’s length. ‘It’s only 8km (five miles); my 89-year-old great-aunt could do it,’ may be a slight deviation from the truth.

• You’re guaranteed to be the one who gets stuck with the group bore (who’s still recovering from a nasty graze on his big toe and really wants to share the details with you.)

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