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Hi guys today I am going to be making a post about my apartment here in Guadalajara Mexico, and also just talking a little bit about the general cost of living I have had this apartment for three months as a traveler that’s a pretty long time. So I am going to be traveling somewhere else soon.

So yeah you’re going to see my apartment this is right outside my apartment right now there’s kind of a garden you walk in, and I love it. Because it just looks really refreshing every time I come in as you walk in the gate you see this lovely kind of garden that is my window there, and this tree up here is actually a guava tree. So they down on the ground all the time here like they smell really good. So all of this here just smells amazing like tropical fruits, and I don’t think I can post them. But their hummingbird nests up there, and the hummingbirds come to my window very often, and they look in the window, and we see them all the time I don’t think you can see them well at all. But those are the hummingbird nests this is my apartment this is kind of both the living room, and the kitchen area this is where we work all the time, and no spend a lot of the day this is where I work on my computer there’s my camera I just love this window it looks out into this garden pretty basic living room this I guess is the kitchen this couch when you sit down on it it’s uh like an int wrapping couch. Because it’s basically at an angle.

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So you’re like falling backward as you sit on it, and then when you try to get up it doesn’t let you leaving the kitchen behind you go over here this is the bedroom the bed is not normally made. So neatly the more windows I love all the natural light in this apartment, and as you can see it looks out into this pretty garden okay moving on this is the closet which I don’t really want to show you. Because I think it’s just going to look like a catastrophe it does where we keep all of our clothes obviously I don’t even know why I need to say that staying here for such a long time in traveler terms made Livia, and I go a little crazy with clothes, I’ll have to get rid of tons of stuff when we leave actually most of this is live use he has way more clothes than I do this is the exciting bathroom. So you know it’s really thrilling thank here, and luxurious shower as you can see, and yeah that’s the really exciting bathroom then you go back over here, and you’re just back where you started. So that’s my apartment here in well haha I hope that wasn’t too boring I always loved reading apartment to our posts on. But then when I try, and do my own I always just feel like they are so boring I hope that wasn’t the case that’s my apartment here in Mexico. But how much does it cost to actually live in Mexico I think as with any country that is a impossible question to just answer in a few straight numbers just.

Because people have different lifestyles, I’m just gonna tell you what my cost of living is here in Mexico as a kind of long-stay traveler also keep in mind that I am living in a city Guadalajara is the capital of the Mexican state of honey scope obviously living in a city downtown is going to be more expensive. So one u.s. dollar is equivalent to eighteen Mexican pesos plus seven cents. So just to kind of round it off a little I normally think that every 20 pesos is about a dollar. So how much do I pay for this apartment I pay em 8,000 Mexican pesos per month for this apartment that is equal to four hundred, and forty-two dollars in u.s.

dollars I live here with Livio who’s been in a lot of my posts you’ve probably seen him. So split between two people that’s only 221 dollars per month per Brent our apartment comes with cable TV Wi-Fi electric water trash there’s even a cleaning lady that comes in cleans twice a week, and all of that is included in the rent even though paying two hundred, and twenty one dollars per month for rent is amazing and. So cheap to me this is actually kind of more on the expensive side, and if we had wanted to sacrifice a little bit on location or the services that the apartment comes with then we could have paid even half that easily. But we are located in a very nice area of Guadalajara just a few blocks from a really popular busy street called Chapultepec that always has just stuff going on, and then a few streets the other ways University. So it’s just a really good area, and also safe, and that was really important to us okay. So how much are my other expenses living in Mexico Olivia, and I go to the supermarket about once every two weeks, and we pay around five hundred pesos every time again split between two people that is two hundred, and fifty pesos two hundred, and fifty pieces equals about fourteen dollars paying $14 for groceries for two weeks is really good we like to go out to eat a lot. So I’d say that we got to eat once or twice a week, and maybe that is 150 to 200 pieces every time you go out, and eat that’s for a full dinner, and drinks as well here in Mexico the ubers are super cheap especially if you get uber pool which we’ve been doing lately, and it’s like even cheaper.

So the other day we got an uber to Centro which is about 15 minutes away, and it was the equivalent of 50 cents 50 cents. So something I do every morning is I walk, and get a coffee which is only 20 paces, and I kind of started thinking like I do this every morning maybe, I’m spending too much money you know on coffee, and I shouldn’t do it. But as I said 20 pesos is about a dollar. So then I was like okay if I do it once a day then, I’m only spending $30 a month to have this awesome huge cup of coffee every day I think that it’s pretty worth it. So this is considering that I am splitting the cost between two people. Because I live here Livio. So all of my expenses living in Mexico rent four thousand pieces a month groceries about 500 pieces a month uber about 200 pieces a month, and eating out 500 pieces a month um more or less mas o menos that brings us to a total of 52 hundred pesos, and in u.

s. dollars that is only two hundred, and eighty seven dollars, and sixty eight cents. So that is about what I spend here living in Mexico for a month I hope that this post what am i doing hope that this post was informative for some of you out there or interesting also update at the end of August Livio, and I are moving on from Guadalajara we will be moving out from this apartment that I just took the time to show you we have no idea really what country will be in anyway I will let you know when I know where we’re going and, I’ll be posting my adventures, and stuff, and keep letting you know what’s going on. So hope you like the post if you could comment then that would be super super awesome and, I’ll see you again soon bye.

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