Cross These Spots Off Your Bucket List

We’re looking at the spots which feature at the top of most travelers’ bucket lists. Thanks goes to big seven travel for the locations as part of their massive social survey.

10 Bora Bora, French Polynesia. So nice

cross these spots off your bucket list Cross These Spots Off Your Bucket List

They named it twice. Bora Bora is among the best known of the tiny volcanic islands that make up the French Polynesian archipelago. The island is brimming with life from the coral fringed lagoons to the rugged mountains. Stilted thatched bungalows and majestic waterfalls, this is a postcard perfect destination ideal for your Instagram feed. Tourism makes up the country’s main economic activity so they have plenty of experience in keeping you entertained. And treating you well, whether you’re the type of visitor to favor jet skis and helicopter tours, or prefer to simply relax on one of the idyllic white beaches, there’s something here to keep everyone happy.

9 Dubai UAE

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From the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean, we go to the human made at great human cost mind you, wonders of the world’s most spectacular desert city, Dubai is all about glamor and extravagance. An ideal destination for bucket list travelers keen to blow their budget and experience the best of what life has to offer for the right price. You can experience the thrill of skydiving from the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, standing over 2700 feet high. Or how about taking a desert safari, either on land in a Jeep or from the majesty of up high in a hot air balloon at sunset, and the luxury shopping, oh boy, the luxury shopping.

8 Cape Town, South Africa

cross these spots off your bucket list 2 Cross These Spots Off Your Bucket List

Nicknamed the mother City Cape Town, offers a warm embrace for all travelers looking to work through their bucket list, surveying the city from the iconic Table Mountain. Even the most seasoned traveler will be awed by the endless natural beauty, but it’s not all surface level. Cape Town has an amazing nightlife and vibrant food scene. Head downtown for a glass or two of the greater region’s famous local wine grown in Cape Town. Vineland’s less than an hour’s drive from town and in 2017 Cape Town was designated a UNESCO City of Design, the first city in Africa to be granted that designation of Creativity and innovation.

7 Paris, France

cross these spots off your bucket list 3 Cross These Spots Off Your Bucket List

Sure, it may be among the most visited cities in the world, but who said your bucket list needed to be crazy original? Known as the City of Lights, Paris is also famous for being the city of love, the City of Culture, the city of fashion and the City of Food. Nowhere else on our list can compete with the sheer style dare we say xvivo of the French capital. Whether you’re visiting for the delights of the Louvre and Musee d’orsay, or just to chill in a cafe by the sin, you’ll be treading in the steps of some of the finest artists and writers the world has ever known.

6 Maldives

cross these spots off your bucket list 4 Cross These Spots Off Your Bucket List

When discussing the Maldives, it won’t be too long before you hear the word. Paradise, this tropical island archipelago of islands and atolls, about 600 miles offshore from South Asia, includes a huge variety of coral reefs, vibrant with life and vivid hues and perfect for scuba diving. From the powder soft beaches to the crystal clear waters, the Maldives will nourish your body and soul. Few other locations on the planet can compete for the country’s incredible selection of luxury resorts with some even offering the opportunity to dine underwater, safe and dry while surrounded by native aquatic companies.

5, Sydney Australia

cross these spots off your bucket list 5 Cross These Spots Off Your Bucket List

Head down under for yet another amazing beach city yet. Sydney is so much more than surfing and sand. The city boasts an abundance of culture from its breathtaking architecture to its seemingly infinite list of world class museums, galleries and concert halls. Headlined by its instantly recognizable Opera House, it’s nearly impossible to experience everything Sydney has to offer in a single trip. Frequently listed among the world’s best places to live despite high real estate prices. Many locals point to Sydney, the strong foodie community and cafe culture as the city’s best features. Drawing citizens from all over the world has created a thriving, unique culinary scene that you simply won’t experience anywhere else.

4 Marrakech, Morocco

cross these spots off your bucket list 6 Cross These Spots Off Your Bucket List

Our second African nation on the list, Marrakech, offers a very different environment from Cape Town. This is a truly ancient city teeming with life in history, a traditionally crucial destination and weigh station on trade routes from Africa to Europe and. Asia Marrakesh may have been transformed by tourism in modern times, but it still retains the chaotic energy of bartering and as a meeting place for different cultures, from the wonders of the Medinas, mosques and souks to the intricately decorated architecture and lush gardens, you’ll find yourself swept up in a rush of life that few other places on the planet can rival.

3 Kerry, İreland

cross these spots off your bucket list 7 Cross These Spots Off Your Bucket List

Arguably the most scenic county in a country teeming with natural wonders, county Carrie is among Ireland’s most popular destinations. For a reason ideal for travelers looking to reconnect with the natural world carrier will reward those who are prepared to veer off the beaten path to take a trek up. That craggy mountain path or look beyond the horizon of emerald farmland in Killarney National Park and beyond. You’ll be rewarded around every corner with rocky outcrops, naked Cliff faces and rolling seas of fog. Carry offers travel in its most essential state, a land waiting to be discovered.

2 New Orleans, USA

cross these spots off your bucket list 8 Cross These Spots Off Your Bucket List

One of the many things New Orleans is known for. One tops the list throwing a party. Mardi Gras should be at the top of every fun lover’s bucket list. It’s simply a celebration of life lived to its limits, literally translating as fat Tuesday. The festival is a feast of food, music, and fun before the beginning of the Lenten season. Often described as a melting pot, the city of New Orleans is among the best examples on the planet of what can happen when cultures meet and combine. From the incredible flavors of a Creole gumbo to the hearty goodness of a plate of jambalaya, New Orleans is guaranteed to delight all of your senses. Bourbon Street awaits you.

1 Bali Indonesia

cross these spots off your bucket list 9 Cross These Spots Off Your Bucket List

back to the South Pacific, and for good reason, perhaps the quintessential bucket list destination Bali is so much more than an Instagram story. It’s one of the few destinations on the planet that holds up better in reality than it appears in your social feed. For almost any budget Bali can offer. Life changing experiences combining many of the best bits of our other entries from the pristine white beaches through to the incredible fresh food, friendly locals and spectacular royal palaces. There’s no other destination worth prioritizing more urgently. And hey, why not cross surfing off your activity bucket list right? Check out this other recent clip from my travel blog and be sure to subscribe and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

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