My god morning everyone Hey today we off to see the Prague Castle there after a walking tour again of Prague this time was seeing the other side of the water yeah. Because we we kind of showed you in a couple of days ago like a little bit of the other side of the water. But now we go on up to the castle yeah yeah the movies getting. So cool ready for a costume oh yeah tram there’s too many people don’t say a guy um where you guys save oh yeah we made it we made it I can tag on Oh No this is the biggest to a group of everything on humongous 100 people go to a parcel the others were a surprise that early 40 people did make it was pretty good numbers, and on the train let’s go speaking already the costume now and, I’m pretty sure yesterday I said it was the biggest cost in Europe I meant it’s the biggest medieval castle in era I wasn’t specific enough, I’m sorry. But it feels like they’re looking up to Hogwarts pretty much is really big, and very many people looking and, I’m really good at explaining things look like.


So welcome to bridge at the moment Charles Bridge now we get to the castle what your research arsenal oh we’re just with another normal branch not the charles bridge, and there’s the castle in the distance you can see it right out there it actually starts from that point all the way over there that gets a cool bit there hurry for a group photo yeah with this background it’s such a big group this really shows off how big a group is how insane is that streets look like fairytale streets. So cute emojis they had a little horse, and cart carriages rather than cars that will just make these streets perfect photos photos photos always photos. So cute we’re now walking to the Lenin wall which we’ve put up in the tribute of John Lennon, and the Beatles. So there’s lyrics, and these pictures how do you know all this I went on Wikipedia trying to get my facts for you guys before we go Good Wife Allison over the head no idea what I was gonna say my son he’s ready yeah her Lennon Sonny’s at the beginning when they told us were going to a lennon wall. So sing a lemon wall house like a lemon wall Oh Ronnie guys next stop is the castle. But first we’re gonna have a cheeky oh my gosh it’s a train I think it’s gonna stop anyway anyway we’re about to go have a cheeky subway we’re trying to I guess now we’ve just got to see which one is right subway in every country though we’ve tried in every country now. So may as well try a Prague subway thorns in Paris were delicious, I’m not nothing speaking that yo yeah yeah they were the best.

But they’re trying to work out how to get there yes Donal Jess, I’m not the best fit direction this guy’s so, I’m never on directions to you I was right right come on Steve pick up your Direction game this thing oh I think it’s gonna turn into a face Wow. But turn to a face I am that’s cool you notice all these are our works all around Prague yeah things like find the one artist Ryan I forgot his name yeah I forgot his name as well. But their son there’s quite a bit of art that there’s a little bit inappropriate. So I didn’t put on the love. But if you fill us a snapchat we’ll put all the UH appropriateness on there speaking the artists any artists on, and see now you to put like a section on our blog called subway, and we just write all the subways around the subways about Paris best oh my gosh Prague you have a lot to live up to oh it’s so nice, and more. So cheap alright guys we are just catching the metro, and we’re heading over to the castle it should be good cuz apparently that side of the the river is even more fairy tale walking along this way, I’m like is that the car. So is that the cast we forgot we turn around there’s the car.

So we opened her away that looks more like a castle this feels. So familiar we literally walked this same bridge for hours ago, and we were walking back around like like where is it turn around there it is I know how long we would have walked without noticing well I noticed the bridge is like all right after through this doorway, and we’re not sure where to go down there down there down there down there Stephen where do we going now we’re a little bit lost here in Prague today I feel like this is a little maze. So we’ve come through here we’re trying to work out way to go in life we go through here, and go up here, and go up here as it did end. So what if we go here, and not in there we’ve been walking around now for half an hour the castles behind us. So I have no idea where we’re going Stephens decided he knows I dunno I don’t know we’ve been down that road, and that road this road. So you reckon it’s the last left I guess he left the only road we haven’t tried we’re so lost what’s with their bean mazes as well we finally found like a secret door yes we’re gonna get to the castle, and then we’re like stuck in a maze a good thing there’s a sign saying this way to the no you’re reading abroad there probably is. But it’s probably in check right like one of these, I’m sure says to the castle there it is there it is day.

So there is fun the whole time there was a sign he found the castle, and when I locking up all these stairs to get to it as you can see I don’t know do you know any fun facts about this castle besides a very evil one oh nice feel proud we made it to the top, and I think this spot has the best views of Prague, I’ll show you guys okay. So Old Town has really good views. Because it’s close to everything I surrender lately in money this place has the views of what Prague in general like the whole city you know rain not is all town I will show you. So we’ve made it to the main castle bit. Because as we’re saying yesterday this whole area is like whole area with the streets we walking there is still the castle. But this is of course is the main building how do you know this is the main building what do you think this is just the main scorners I don’t know no one told you huh we lost arts movers. But what I said is I feel like it’s cool like to see this from further away than right up close does he get a better shot yeah I agree yeah it’s nice to walk around the castle area, and then you can want a photo step away from the castle take a photo.

So big yeah it’s gonna wander around it’s so big, I’m not too sure which way to go really not a map I know I saw some people with a map go try, and find one let’s go find a map we just quickly ran back to our room to go get the drone, and go down to old town, and try, and have a go at droning it up and. So many people are around there’s so many people I think they’re gonna be like what are they doing this is the first time we’ve really been public with the drone. So we’ll see how it goes I mean hopefully we can fly it around here what is your thoughts if you know uhit’s like a street show oh honey let’s get it out. So we found a big grassy bit here right on the water there’s um charles bridge there an old town is kind of up that way which you’ll see soon on the drive it ‘m let’s set it up I see the light inside you brighter than the skies hold on just is so beautiful at sunset this is like the perfect time to use the drone especially that last shot we just got. Because you could see the Sun like coming through over the mountain, and it’s just yeah it’s really beautiful on a drone mission on a drone mission I feel like I needed a sting or something all righty guys we just got back to our room, and we’re gonna have a bit of a picnic here for dinner. But I feel like, I’m getting better at the drawing which is good I think we’ve got an awesome shot of proud of us going up, and I feel like we’re gonna do maybe stop doing these on Instagram as well.

So if you’re not follow us on Instagram go below, and I think we’re gonna start doing those shots as the series we’ll see hopefully we can do it in every city we plan to do it in every city, and try get it into a spot that kind of show us off the city you guys enjoy them leave a comment below. So we can hopefully do more of them yeah we’re just gonna chill for the night, and we’ll check in with you guys later alright guys. So tomorrow we’re heading off to Berlin. But we leave at 9 o’clock, and it takes around four to five hours to get there by bus we’re all going together I think there’s three buses taking although all of us versus over a hundred people mm-hmm. But thank you so much for everyone that suggested we head to Prague. Because it was beautiful was like a fairytale city right it’s like a fairy tale see yeah, I’m so glad we came yeah this was not on any of my lists at all was it didn’t even know it was in the Czech Republic nope, and the money is crowns yes. But um, I’m very excited to see Germany yes it’s that it’s been other top of my list for ages okay we’re in Berlin for two days two days three days, and then we are in Amsterdam for two days mm-hmm which, I’m also very excited to say.

But yes are you heading off tomorrow. So we’re gonna have an early night I mean not of the time that’s always to live in mmm we’re probably gonna get better be nice fella we could sleep on the bus. But um cool good night guys, I’m seeking.

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