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FRIENDS beloved, when I die, Plant a willow over me, Through its leaves the night will sigh, Kindly will its shadow be, And its drooping boughs shall weep, O ‘er the earth wherein I sleep.

Unfortunately the soil of Pere-Lachaise is not particularly suited for willow trees. When American novelist Willa Cather visited Musset’s grave, she commented on the forlorntree: De Musset certainly never got anything he wanted in life, and it seems sort of fine-drawn irony that he should not have the one poor willow he wanted for his grave.

But generations of cemetery caretakers have continued to persist in maintaining a willow tree, spindly though it may be. Musset’s bust was carved by Jean-Auguste Barre (1811-1896).

Categories of War War in colonial Country can be divided into two broad categories: war between Europeans and war between Europeans and indigenous opponents. Sapporo Subway Map War with Native Countrys In fighting Native Countrys, the English employed the same sort of brutality they had used against the Irish for centuries. Anglo-Saxons had a long heritage of brutality toward the Irish. Atrocities traditionally thought to have begun during the Elizabethan conquest can be dated back to the twelfth century as well: at Waterford in 1170 the English killed seventy prisoners and threw their bodies over a cliff; fifteen years later, Irish raiding into Meath were put to the sword, and over a hundred heads were sent back to Dublin. And Oliver Cromwell famously slaughtered the Catholic Irish garrison at Drogheda in 1649. The English often viewed their Irish opponents as inhuman savages, a common theme that runs through Country attitudes toward Native Countrys and African Countrys and through English attitudes toward the Irish. Edmund Spenser’s View of the Present State of Ireland provides an excellent example of the escalating anti-Irish rhetoric of the late sixteenth century. English colonists would employ similarly aggressive methods in waging war against their Native Country opponents.

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