Katahdin Hiking Map

The problem with bearings is that a very minor mistake can lead to a major disaster. A bearing that is 2° out sounds minimal, particularly when you remember... Read more

Map Of West End Glasgow

75 Bothwell Street Decorative Carving Architects: Clarke and Bell (c. 1890) This Renaissence building was owned by Barr & Higgins Ltd, a coal mining company. They went from... Read more

Visit to Santorini

In 1537, Khair-ed-Din Barbarossa captured Santorini in the name of the Sultan. With the ousting of the Latins, the Orthodox Bishopric of Santorini was reinstated. Nevertheless, the island... Read more

Map Of Glasgow City

Look up Glasgow! Colin Begg Never mind the rest of Northern Europe, there is nothing like you in all the world. Your ships plied queer coasts just to... Read more

New York Map Download

‘Why not send the story of my record attempt by radiotelephone every day?’ A New Zealand magazine had bought a similar story from me on my 1936 flight.... Read more