Map Of Arctic Region

Antarctic Dreams My primary dream of travelling to the Antarctic and then on to the South Pole had long pre-dated my great desire to reach the North Pole.... Read more

Arctic Fox Range Map

Ever since his own return to England, Scott had been planning his next expedition to Antarctica. Shackleton’s close encounter immediately acted as a spur to move his plans... Read more

Map Arctic Ocean

Resolutions We fly across some of the wildest country in the world with superb views of rugged ice ranges, ravines of blue-white snows and so many secret and... Read more

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The bow waves rumbled with a hint of distant thunder, and in the cabin I could hear them breaking and rushing along the hull. It was a delightful... Read more

Arctic Ocean Map

Antarctica is also the iciest place on Earth and is capped by an ice sheet up to 4,800 metres at its thickest part but on average it is... Read more

Map Of Arctic Ocean

Our Land: Nunavut 1 April 1999 is possibly the most historic date in the history of the Inuit. On that date an area of land, bigger than Western... Read more