Hey guys.

And he’s been really really early right now, but we are about to go out diving on reefs, it’s their Gaia boat, it’s got all the dive gear still ad out. So again. So for our damn cake ülker believes we had the option of going snorkeling or scuba diving.

And since. I’m a patty certified diver obviously. I to scuba, but, you back, it’s one play me like it just finished our first two diets here we did the blue bowl then we did one of the local reefs.

SEA TO SKY ADVENTURES Belize Guatemala Photo Gallery

And now we are on the island stop for lunch there is a bird sanctuary. So we’re gonna see if we can find some of the red footed booby birds love birds. So after my day of diving.

I hopped off the dive boat. And onto another boat this time for our included sunset sail around Key Cocker completely around, this is actually the perfect way to end off our time here in Belize. And get us ready for Guatemala our next destination on our first day in Guatemala we stayed in a jungle Lodge right outside the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal.

And on the first morning we got up at 4:00 a.m. to hike 50 minutes into the jungle in the dark up temple number 4 for sunrise all right guys.

So unfortunately it is raining today. And well that brings a lot of fog which prevents us from team sunrise, you just imagine beautiful temples. And sunrise how is your sunrise.

So right now guys we are exploring the ancient Maya ruins up to Cal we are on top of one of the many many temples here. I’m out of breath because. I walked up this temple which is very surprising there we go actually walk up here.

And very pleasantly very pleasantly surprised that we can walk up your account, you are pressing me all right guys we met to the plaza basically the center to call here that’s right there those are like the. I need to pay attention one of these shows. And up this way.

I believe is cemetery. And the other thing that we are gonna go climb more climbing more climbing look really thin yes the climbing up the stairs what an extremely tired hey guys thank you so much for reading my post.

I hope, you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you did stay tuned for the next episode coming at, you in a couple days time. And if you aren’t already click the comment button to make sure, you get notified when, it’s go live there, you go alright bye. ?

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